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National Apprenticeship Show

Students from Class Suzy visited the National Apprenticeship Show at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool. They learned about lots of different career options, and a fantastic day was had by all!

One of the students wrote a review of her experience:

The National Apprenticeship Show: My Thoughts

On Friday, went to The National Apprenticeship Show in Liverpool and it was absolutely amazing! There were businesses giving out free treats such as chocolate, bags and sunglasses, games like wire buzzers and spinning a wheel and many businesses to talk with! I learnt how to pour a beer, made pasta, discussed working at Starbucks, won a free Banana and Custard yoghurt after playing a game with Muller, and got SO MUCH FREE STUFF!!! Other businesses I talked with include the Army, Starbucks, Arnold Clark, Mercedes-Benz and AJ Bell. They gave me the basic run down on their starting salary and what an average day was like there. I am considering doing a Starbucks apprenticeship in the future. You can use leaflets and websites to learn about apprenticeships and to sign up for one yourself. I loved it! 8/10. –