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Class Groups

Classes at Peterhouse are small, usually consisting of 6 to 8 pupils.  Pupils are grouped primarily according to age and level of need, but also consider a range of other factors including personalities and pupil preferences.  Each class teacher is supported by a team of Teaching Assistants.

Class Emily


This class is led by Emily Wood.

Pupils in the class range from Year 1 to Year 3.


Class Rebecca


This class is led by Rebecca Crago.

Pupils range from Year 3 to Year 5.

Class Carina


This Class is led by Carina Taylor.  It also receives some teaching input from Cheryl Amy, Assistant Headteacher.

The class has pupils in Year 6 and 7

Class Sharon


This Class is led by Sharon Burston.

The class has pupils from Year 5 to Year 8.

Class Anna


This class is led by Anna Roberts.

The class has pupils from Year Groups 8 to 10.

Class Lindsay


This class is led by Lindsay Lowe.

The class has pupils from Year Groups 9 to 12.

Class Suzy


This class is led by Suzy Singleton.  It also receives some teaching input from Peter Rimmer, Assistant Headteacher.  The class is supported by Kelli O'Neill, F.E. Instructor.

This class has students from Year Groups 10 to 14.

This is a larger class that has access to a number of teaching rooms and is aimed at preparing students for their next steps in life, such as attending college.

Class Owen


This is our Flexible Education group - pupils in this group do not attend the school site but are supported by staff in their home environment, residential setting or in the community.  Sessions focus on preparing pupils for their next steps, which may be attendance at Peterhouse, at another educational provision or transition into adult life.

The group is led by Owen Matthews.