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What makes Peterhouse different to other schools?

•Understanding of autism – the 5 point star
•Learning from each other and the people we support
•Approaches to autism  - a strength based model, using power with rather than power over pupils
Therapeutic support
Positive Behaviour Support
Knowledge and understanding of each individual pupil
•The Peterhouse Curriculum drivers, which outline why we do what we do:
Independent Learning and Creative Thinking
Knowledge of the Wider World
Quality of Life
How this knowledge makes us adapt our teaching
•An aspirational culture for each pupil to become a successful adult with autism


The Peterhouse 'Hidden Curriculum' consists of all the approaches used that support pupils, beyond and throughout their lessons.  This includes:

  • The approaches we use: person centred, research based, incorporating the autistic voice and perspective, strength based approaches, working alongside pupils ('power with'), and constantly reflecting on and developing the school's practice.
  • Therapies are embedded as an intrinsic part of classroom practice and learning.
  • Positive Behaviour Support is focused on pro-active strategies that aim to help pupils learn to manage their own behaviours.
  • Education Health Care Plans determine the focus for learning
  • Quality of Life is a key outcome for each young person


The Peterhouse 'Blended Offer' describes the learning pathways each pupil at Peterhouse follows.  The school has a formal and a semi-formal pathway:


The Formal Pathway covers adapted subject specific learning taught through 'Big Ideas' (in Primary age classes) as well as the school's bespoke 'Preparing for Adulthood' formal curriculum.  It leads to qualifications such as Entry Level qualifications, ASDAN short courses, BTecs, GCSEs, Arts Award, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 


The Semi-Formal Pathway provides subject specific learning with further adaptations, as well as the school's bespoke 'Preparing for Adulthood' semi-formal curriculum.  It leads to accreditations such as ASDAN Personal Progress, ASDAN Towards Independence, ASDAN Short courses, Trinity Award in musical development, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


While many pupils may follow one specific pathway, these are by no means set, and pupils may move from one pathway to another, or follow different pathways for different subjects.  This creates a bespoke curriculum that matches the unique needs of each child.