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‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’- Walt Disney


My friend had an idea. He saw a special café in Churchtown that we can walk to from school. His idea was for him and me to go to the café for a drink together. He told me they made special dog treats.


Lesley said he had motivation to take me out and I had motivation for a dog biscuit and a walk with my friend.


He had a really big plan. He practiced the dog walk route and made a map. He practiced road awareness. He worked out how much money he would need. He wrote an invitation to a friend so he could come too. He did a lot of planning by thinking ahead and making a plan for our special trip. He worked really hard. When he had finished he drew a picture and remembered all of the things that we had done together.


He said:

  • ‘My favourite part is when we went into the café because I had a nice cake and Paisley lay down in a bed that I got.’


  • ‘I loved it when Lesley let me walk Paisley without holding her’ (although I think Lesley still held me a little bit!!)


  • ‘Paisley was very good at waiting for the green man. It keeps us safe.’


I’m so happy my friend at school had this good idea. It was such a good plan. He worked really hard to make it happen. Sometimes we have to make a plan, do the work, be patient and then we are successful!


Our school is all about being successful and we all learn about different skills and strategies to help us along the way.


I had a great day out with my friends.


#schooldog #successfuladultswithautism #autismawareness #workingwithlocalcommunity



‘Never stop learning because there is always ‘one more thing to learn’’
- Steve Jobs


Sometimes it is important to share what we know. Learning is so important. We all learn all of the time.

We learn in different places, we learn to use information in different ways and with different people and we learn about all of the things that we can do. We all have different strengths in different areas.

I have to practice my learning all of the time too. I practice at home. I practice at school. I practice when I am on my walks.

One thing I know is that when I go somewhere new I sometimes forget my learning. It’s like I have to learn it all over again. For me it is because there are so many sniffs to sniff. I get distracted and forget to use my thinking.

Lesley helps me though. She cues me in. She helps me to think. She reminds me of all of the things that I do to help myself so that I can use my learning in a new space. She gives me time to process what I can see, hear and smell. She also does familiar things that I know that I can do and that I am really good at to help me to relax and to feel confident.

Once I know about all of the learning, I am cued in and thinking… well then I am pretty good at remembering what I am supposed to do.


I had an adventure last week…

We went to a special place called Liverpool Hope University. It was new to me. I had to really use my thinking to know what to expect. I went with Lesley, Alice, Bee and Ruth. They were teaching new teachers all about different ways to help people remember how to learn. It was helping new teachers learn how to teach too. I had to do a little bit of helping too.

First though I had to remember how to wait! I had to wait and wait and wait! Everyone read my coat that said ‘ignore me’ so they did and I got really bored so guess what I did???

Think about what you know about me… you are right ‘super puppy snoozing’!!

At last it was my turn and then I was ready to learn and to teach and to show off….. just a tiny bit! I used my buttons, my mats, I hurdled, I read, I did agility, I rolled over and at the end I sang a song!!! Lesley asked if any of the ‘new teachers’ wanted to work with me and they all put up their hands. Lesley said something about ‘motivation’ and working with peoples interests and strengths!!!

I just knew I was having fun…. I got to learn, remember, show off and make new friends all in one day!

Ruth, Bee and Alice were all very interesting too but I like to think my waggy tail and fluffy face got the most photographs taken. Learning is fun.

What are you learning about at the moment?

#liverpoolhopeuniversity #learningallthetime #strengthbased #fivepointstar #motivation


‘You can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax all you need is a book.’ – Dr Suess


It’s half term!! What will you be doing this half term? At school we have all been learning about ‘reading for pleasure’ and ‘early reading’. I have listened to children read and I have learnt to read a few words myself.


Maybe over half term we could all read a book. What will you choose to read? Does reading help you relax?


Maybe you prefer to relax by watching TV or going for a walk. Whatever you like to do have a lovely half term. I can’t wait to see you all when we get back.


#readingforpleasure #earlyreading #halfterm #relaxation #schooldog

‘A little consideration and thought for others makes all the difference’

– Eeyore – AA Milne


Someone bought me a gift! I am such a lucky and loved pup at Peterhouse. They saw a glass with my picture on and thought that Lesley might like to have a drink thinking about me. What a kind thing to do.


Being kind to each other is so important. Understanding each other and thinking about what we like to do or not do can make such a difference to a person (and a dog!). At Peterhouse we always think about each other. Everyone needs different things to help them and we all work hard to find out what helps.


One of the things that I know we also do is to help each person to know about themselves and to find ways of understanding what they need to be successful. I know that everyone helps me to be a successful school dog by knowing what I like too. Working together and thinking about each other and what we all need to help us is the first step to a successful future.


What helps you?


#thinkingaboutwhathelps  #strengthbasedapproach #thankyou #kindness

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but building on the new.’- Socrates


One thing that I have learnt is that change can take time. I know that because when I was a new school dog I had to do my work in little steps and stages.


I had to do small visits to Peterhouse. First I only visited when no one was there. Then I visited more often but I mainly stayed in Lesley’s room and only went further when all the children had gone. Next Lesley started walking me through school but this was to help me get to know all the different places and all the children and staff to get to know me when I was working.


Do you know that my coat says ‘please ignore me’ on it? That is something that helps me so that I don’t get too excited because if everyone said hello to me I would forget all of the things that I need to do. When I practiced walking around school everyone ignored me and it helped me change from a home puppy to a working school dog! We all have things that help us and everyone at Peterhouse has different things that help them.


I also learnt a new word this week. Not for me to use but something that I do that I didn’t know I was doing. My word is ‘transition’. This means a time of change, learning about a new process, taking time to get it right. Sometimes I help in transitions.


When I help I do lots of different things. Sometimes I help to do tours of the school. I am often a focus when I go into a classroom so it means that new children can come with me and I help to join in games or playtime or snack with everyone. Hopefully it is fun! I think so. I can sit quietly while we all get used to new spaces. I can also do my own tricks and have fun in helping people to make friends and get to know each other. Also some children like to visit me in my room to just be with me for a short time. I think they must know that I had to transition to Peterhouse in the same way as them.


One thing I know too is that change always happens. I have learnt that because I am now in my 4th year of being a school dog! New people, new equipment, new activities. Sometime I have to think very hard to work out what to do when there is a change but a good thing at Peterhouse is that there are lots of choices and ways of helping everyone to get things right for them. We all like to do things in our own way. It is important that we help each other so we can be successful.


I have been helping different people do different things this school year. I have helped with reading, walking, making friends, concentration but I have also found out that transition is one of the things that I do too. I thought I was just having fun…. but isn’t that what education is all about?


#funinlearning #transitionhelp #schooldoggoals #peterhousepup #personalisedlearning

"Paisley is excited to see me!"


Apparently Paisley is excited to see me! She wants me to scratch her legs, tickle her under the chin and she is trying to climb onto my knee. She is telling me to let her up for a cuddle. She wants to play with the ball.

She barks when she wants the ball thrown. She is having fun.

I think she is pleased to be back at school.

By Jack


Jack is right! I was so excited to come back to school. I had a look around at all of the places I know. Guess what nothing had changed. I had a walk to see all of the teachers. They all said hello to me.

I had a visit to the classroom to see Jack and his friends. I met some friends in the corridor and I went for a walk with another friend. Then Jack came to visit me in my room and we played with the ball. I got a little bit over-excited. Lesley said I had to think and remember what I needed to do to help me to calm down.

I had a big think!! I know that when I forget my good dog manners that I need to have some time on my own to calm down and I need to remember the rules. I need to remember that my body is excited and busy and my brain needs a time to rest. Super puppy snoozing to the rescue!

While Lesley was busy I had a snooze and calmed down. Phew! I remembered what to do. Do you ever need time to think when everything feels busy and exciting?


#selfregulation #backtoschool #busyschooldog #writingadogblog



‘Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.’- Dr Seuss


This is my 4th Christmas. I know lots of things about Christmas now!


I know trees come into the house but I still can’t bring sticks in! I know there are lots of new smells and tasty foods that I am not allowed to eat. I know that it is busy busy busy with people in and out of the house!


Christmas is OK! I use what I know to help me not to worry and to help me to feel OK. By thinking about what we already know it means we can help ourselves be prepared for things that feel different. We can also think about things that help us when we do not feel OK and use those strategies to feel better. Can you guess what I do to help myself?


Yes!!! You are right! Super puppy snoozing!!!


Christmas can be a busy time. It’s good to remember that we can all help each other have a good time by not just giving gifts but by being kind and thoughtful about each others needs.


Wishing you all a peaceful and contented Christmas.


Paisley 🐾🐾


‘The more that you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you go.’ Dr Seuss


I have been so lucky this term. Every Thursday I get to work with my friends at Peterhouse. I am a school dog after all.


I have done lots of things this term. I have walked with some friends. I have visited other friends in their houses. Other friends have worked with me doing tricks and I have used my talking buttons to play games.


One friend wrote a story about me and another friend made me into a puppet. I have also given tours of school. Sometimes I just like to say hello to my friends and have a cuddle.


One thing I like to do is help with reading. Some of my little friends are learning to read. Loving books is a good start to learning to read. My friends and I like finding a reason to look at books. ‘Where’s Paisley?’ is a good fun book that helps my friends and me share time together with a book. We learn to look, point, concentrate, listen and share a book together. Mostly we learn to have fun looking for me in the pages of the book!


I am looking forward to working with more of my friends next term.


I wonder what they would like to do with me?


#schooldog #readingforpleasure #motivation


‘If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.’

Ignacio Estrada


Did you know that I am a dog? I am a dog that goes to school. I have learnt so many things. I have learnt to do tricks, do agility courses, read, listen and watch. I watch all of the time.


Sometimes Lesley forgets to use the right cue for me. She might forget to use her sign and just uses her word. I prefer both. It helps me to think.


She sometimes forgets that I have to work really hard to work out what she is saying. I listen to her all of the time. She uses her hands and her voice. Sometimes I notice that she scrunches her hair and I know that means that she is having a tricky moment because I watch Lesley all of the time.


I am really good at noticing things now. I notice when Lesley picks up her keys. That can mean two things. It might mean she is going to leave me behind. It might mean we are going out together. So I watch.


I don’t always understand the words that people use. I have to watch and work things out. I watch all of the time.


Signs help me to know. Lesley uses hands and signs in case I miss the word. When other people work with me they try really hard to do it the same way. Sometimes it is different and I have to really think to understand what they mean.


Remember if I don’t get it right it might be because I haven’t understood and I am working it out. Find a way to help me. If you teach me in the way I learn then I usually can do a really good job.


How do you like to learn?


#peterhousepup #autismpedagogy #personalisedlearning


‘A yawn is quite catching, you see.

Like a cough.

It just takes one yawn 

To start other yawns off’


Dr Seuss, Sleep Book


Do you remember that I have a super power? My super power is snoozing!


Some people read books before they go to sleep to help them relax. Do you do that?


I like to go to sleep in lots of different places. On the floor, in my bed, on the stair, in Lesley’s office, in a meeting, in Calvin’s office, in the conference room… I can sleep in lots of places.


I know that some people find going to sleep harder. Sometimes we forget to have enough relaxation time before we go to bed so our brains are too busy to go to sleep. Things like technology can make this worse because the light is so bright.


When I go to bed at night I have a routine. I know when Lesley stands up and says ‘bedtime’ that things are going to happen. I notice what happens (this is a useful skill). She does different things than she does at other times when she stands up for example she turns the lights off, she always makes me go to the toilet, she gives me a special teeth cleaner and I have to have my special medicine too from when I was a poorly pup last year. Then she says ‘bed time’ again and I know it’s time to go to sleep in my own bed. I know then that I have to stay there until the morning.


How do you get to sleep? Do you read before you go to sleep? Or listen to music? Do you have a routine?


I am lucky because snoozing is my super power!


#readingforpleasure #superpower #sleepschool

‘I know that it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.’ – Dr Seuss, Cat in the Hat


Sometimes the weather does not do what I want it to do. At Peterhouse we like to read and on a rainy or windy day we might think that reading is a better choice. Winnie the Pooh talks about a ‘blustery day’ and ‘the cat in the hat’ still thinks that we can do lots of fun things even when it is cold and wet outside.


Sometimes though I still like to go outside. I like to run and jump and swim and play. I like to move and be busy. I like to stand and watch the waves on the beach. I like to sniff the smells in the air and feel the cold wind in my fur. I like to go to my favourite places and have as much fun as I can.


Lesley knows the things that I like to do. I know that Lesley likes to read books too (and I can read a few words myself!) We often make  choice to do my thing first and then do her thing that way we are both happy. I know that Lesley likes to be outside too and she really likes to have fun with me.


What do you like to do? Read or Learn Outside the Classroom? Maybe we can do both?


I would like to hear about some of the books that you have been reading or the places that you visit. Maybe you could invite me to your classes to tell me all about it?


#reading #learningoutsidetheclassroom #knowingwhatyouknow #schooldog


‘We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That is who we really are.’ – Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix  (J.K Rowling)


Lesley has found a quote from a book. Reading is important and we can learn lots from reading and books. Lesley also talks about memory! We can learn from our memories too. Things we have done before. It is good to learn!!


We all have a memory of something that we have done or something that has happened. Something that does not go as planned or something that we wish that we had done differently.


We also have memories of the good things that we have done. The achievements. The fun times. An exciting memory.


I guess a memory can be good or bad. Do you agree?


We can use our memories to help our thinking. We can remember something and help ourselves to decide what to do the next time we are in a similar situation. Memories help us to know more. We can learn from different situations, remember them and learn from them.


I think that it is good to remember. I think that is why we do retrieval practice. It helps with our learning and it helps us practicing to use our memories and our thinking.


Do you remember the time I forgot to use my thinking and I stole the headteacher’s sandwich? I remember that time well. Lesley was not very pleased with me. I had to learn not to help myself even if the food was really tempting.


This time there as a pizza in a box!! I knew it was possible. I knew I had a good or bad choice to make – a bit like in the Harry Potter quote ( I knew reading was helpful too). Can you guess which part I chose to act on?


#didsheeatthepizza? #thinking #choices #usingwhatweknow #readingschool #memory

‘Sit, relax, breathe…’


There are 1440 minutes in one day so taking 5 of those minutes to re-energise will not be the end of the world.


Sometimes a rest is just what we need. Happy half term!


#halftermalready #pawsforthought #schooldog

‘Life is all about balance’

Time seems to be going pretty quickly at the moment! Everyone is suddenly much busier. I think after lockdown life was a bit quieter but now it’s full speed ahead.

Sometimes when things are busy it can feel too much. There is too much to do, to think about, to work out and to understand. I like to take a moment to make things easier. I make a task seem easier by breaking it into small steps. That way I feel successful each step of the way and it makes it easier for me to think about what I have to do.

I went to Crocky Trail and discovered that there were lots of obstacles to get over….. bridges, tunnels, pathways….. I worked out what to do each step of the way using my thinking. I also watched other people to see if I could get ideas from them to make a plan!

Balance was not just about staying on the beam it is about making it easier each step of the way by having a plan that helps. I think I helped Lesley too because she followed my route on every bridge!

What plans do you use to help you become successful?

#successfulpup #successfuladultswithautism #balancehelps #makingaplan #thinking


‘Flashback Friday’

Do you ever try to remember things that you learnt a while ago?

Practicing using our memory is one of our good ways of learning. It can be hard. It means we have to think in lots of different ways. There are people who help us to do that though. It helps me if my thinking is cued in. Lesley might do that by getting my attention or using a visual or sometimes just giving me time.

Sometimes I need to think backwards to work out some information. I might remember learning something in one place but have to do it again in another place. Remembering what I did might take me a bit of time but once I get there I can do my learning just as well.

Sometimes I need to think side to side to make a choice. I use what I know but I still have to decide what to choose. This happens when I use my talk buttons. I like to play with the ball (my yellow go button) but I like my treats too (my blue treat button). Sometimes Lesley says ‘what do you want?’ And then just waits for me to choose!

That is just two types of thinking that I have to use to help me to learn. I’m going to have a think about all of the other ways I have to use my thinking to help me. I’m also remembering how I first started learning when I was a tiny super pup at Peterhouse School. Look how far I’ve come!!

#memory #cuein #thinkingtakestime #peterhousepup #flashbackfriday


‘Using my memory’


Lesley is helping me to remember lots of things that I have learnt over the past 3 years at the moment.


She says that I have to use my thinking to help me. She gives me time to think. That is important. I need time to work out what I am going to do. When I am engaged in learning and focused I can use my memory really well but if there is a noise or a distraction I sometimes forget and need time to use my thinking again.


Lesley helps me by using a cue. She cue’s me into what I am supposed to be learning about.  She does this in different ways. Sometimes she helps me to listen by cueing me in to a sound. Sometimes she helps me focus by showing me a visual. If I find the word hard she helps me to remember and process by using something extra like a sign or a gesture.


Lesley makes me practice all of the time. At home, when I am out and when I am working at school. I have learnt a new word and it has been put on my button so I can say it eventually but the word is cuddle. I like to cuddle. I practice that a lot at home. I have a few friends at school who like to cuddle me too and I have to practice with them too.


I think we all need to keep remembering our learning and practicing to get things better and better.


#cuddleypup #cuein #visuals #processingtime

Retrieval Practice

Remembering what I have learnt at different times. Practicing it in different places. Using what I know to help me work out what to do and remember is all part of my lunchtime dog walks at school.

Lesley says that by repeating things and spacing them out at different times during the week helps me to use my learning and helps it to go to my long term memory. She calls it spaced repetition.

She says that by interleaving my learning in different ways e.g. practicing at lunchtimes, in the classroom, at home, in the hall I learn to generalise my skills and apply my knowledge.

She then checks my understanding by seeing if I can remember information that I learn during the week. She calls that retrieval practice.

On my walks at lunchtime Lesley is checking I remember to be a school dog again. She is making sure that I can use my skills so that children can start walking with me again.  One day this week it was raining so we practiced walking in school instead and I was allowed to say hello to lots of my friends.

Lesley says my school dog skills are doing well.

We all need to keep practicing what we know to help our learning get better and better so that we are all successful when we grow up.

#newcurriculum #spacedrepetition #interleaving #retrieval #successfuladultswithautism


I’m excited about what the future will bring…and I think the best is yet to come’


I am a puppy who is coming back to school. Guess what? Changes again. I am learning that no matter how much we want everything to stay the same we have to learn how to accept change.


There are lots of new people in school. I had a one day visit last week to meet a new friend but I also met lots of friends that I already knew. I gave a lot of Hi 5s and paw shakes. Our new pupils coming to school must find it all a big change. Our new teachers too. I stopped and had a think about what I have learnt in my short puppy life.


  • Change happened when I left my dog mum and sisters and went to live with Lesley
  • Change happened when I started at Peterhouse School and then everything had to close because of a pandemic
  • Change happened when we all came back to school again but it was all a bit different
  • Change happened when it started to feel like everyone was back together again
  • Change happened when it is the end of each term and the weather is different  - sometimes it is hot sometimes it is cold
  • Change happened when I got older and knew more


I know that I can cope with change. I know that I can use my thinking. I use it to work out what I already know. I use it to work out who can help me. I use it to notice the changes and to make a plan.


My thinking is becoming my superpower – I just didn’t know how to use it before. We need to practice using it to help us to know what to do.


Lesley makes me think all of the time. She gives me helpful clues but really now she expects me to know because after all I am a super pup. If you see me in school remember I am working but also remember if you ask I know Lesley will let me give a paw shake or a Hi 5.


I hope to see you soon!


Welcome back to school!


#Peterhousepup #thinkingpuppy #newbeginnings #welcomeback


Time to say good bye!


‘How lucky are we to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’ – Winnie the Pooh


My friend Janet is saying goodbye! I like Janet. I visit her office and sleep on the floor while everyone makes plans.


Things I know about Janet. She is always smiling. She is kind. She has good ideas. She is friendly. Everyone at school will miss her!


I also know that Janet will want everyone to keep doing all of the fun and wonderful things that we all do together at Peterhouse School because that is what makes us achieve everything that we want to for our pupils, our families and all of our staff (me too - Don’t forget the puppy staff member!)


Wishing Janet a wonderful retirement and hoping she will come on some puppy adventures with me in the holidays.


Happy Holidays


#Peterhouseschool #retirement #puppylove #itsnotgoodbye #keepintouch

‘Generalising my skills’


‘Any day spent with you is my favourite day – so today is my new favourite day’ – Winnie the Pooh


One of the things that I have learnt to do is to be very calm with children. Sometimes I get excited if there are tricks involved but I also know how to stop, listen and wait so that children can stroke me, have a cuddle or ask me to shake their hands. I know lots of the children at Peterhouse School because they are my friends and I have learnt to know all about them and they have learnt to know all about me.


Sometime we have to learn how to use our skills with different people. New people. Like when we change a class or when we visit somewhere new. Sometimes it is easy and things go exactly as we planned. Sometimes it is harder and we have to use our thinking more to remember what to do.


I visited a special place on Saturday called Rainbow Hub. Lots of children visit there and it helps them. They asked me if I could go along and let the children say hello to me. Natalie is friends with Lesley. She met us at the door and showed us into a nice cool room so we could sit in the shade. There were lots of children. I made new friends. One little boy did tricks with me and another girl had cuddles. There were younger children who liked to put their feet to feel my fur. I gave lots of Hi 5s and shook paws with lots of different people.


It made me feel good to help people. I like making new friends and making a difference to someone’s day. I learnt to use my school dog skills in another place and I was just as good. Working with different people helps us all to generalise our skills, practice and get even better at what we already know how to do.


Thank you Rainbow Hub for asking me to come to your fun day. What did you do at the weekend?


#rainbowhub #peterhouseschool #schooldog #generalisingskills #newfriends

‘Tired is the new me’


I have been so busy! Busy being better. Busy being back to school. Busy being me!


Being busy is good for me. I like it. It keeps my mind thinking and my body doing. Time goes quickly.


In the evening I am so tired that I ‘flop’ on my bed. Lesley says being hot has made me tired too.


I think the school holidays are coming soon. I know that I have only just gone back to school for short visits but I also know that when there is a summer holiday there are sometimes changes. Change can sometimes make us think even more.


I am looking forward to coming back to Peterhouse in September and meeting new children and visiting new classrooms. Are you having a change? Can I help you?


I know at Peterhouse we all help each other and we find ways to sort out new things. If I can be a helping puppy then please let me know!


#busypup #tiredpup #schooldog #newthings #thinkingchange

‘I’ve Passed!’


‘The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in our determination’


‘Paisley is 100% settled at school and shows absolutely no signs of stress within the setting. She is happy and appears to take the noise and day to day business of this special school within her stride. This is testament to the process which has been followed, including introducing the dog to the school at the earliest of opportunities and giving her the chance to grow up in that setting. The membership and training conducted with DHK has paved the way for a well-grounded and excellent school support dog.’ – CLASS dog training programme


I have passed! 3 years of hard work. Lesley says even with a pandemic and being so very unwell that I had to stop for a bit I have still managed to achieve something! Apparently I am a determined pup! I had something worth working for…. all of my friends at Peterhouse School!!


I am so proud to be a school dog! I am looking forward to my next adventures at Peterhouse School.


What are you determined to achieve?


#determination #schooldog #puppypower

‘No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.’ – Buddha


I am beginning again! My life as a school dog has started again and I am glad to be back (although I did forget to look at the camera!).


Sometimes things happen and it can make things difficult. When I was poorly I was away from school for a long time. I wanted to come back. It was so exciting seeing my friends again.


Lesley said I needed to do a ‘phased return’ to help me get used to things. So I am coming back to school for a few days each week and building it up to get me used to everything again. It helps to have a plan. It helps to do it in stages.


Things that I know:

  • Everyone was pleased to see me
  • I wagged my tail a lot
  • I had a tour of the school to help me remember
  • Lesley reminded me of the rules
  • People always help
  • I had good fun
  • I remembered that I like being a school dog.


Next week I hope that I get to see some of the pupils again. Maybe they will invite me to their classes.


Starting something new can be a challenge. Starting something again can also be a challenge. Making a plan helps and working together is the best way.


I feel good about being a school dog and I am glad to be back.


What challenge can you set yourself?


#resilience #schooldog #I’mback #making a plan

Back out and about!

I had to rest quite a bit when I was poorly. I didn’t go to all my favourite sniffy places. Sometimes I didn’t go out at all! I just pottered in the garden.

Lesley says fresh air and exercise helps us all to feel better. Appreciating the things we like to do helps our well being. Lesley likes art and walking! She said we could combine the two!! I wasn’t sure what she can meant but now I’m out and about again I’m happy to try new things.

Walking!! The beach!! Sand and sea. Shells and seaweed. Lots to roll in and space to run  about!! I wasn’t sure about the art though….

….At first I thought it was a man! It didn’t smell like a man. It didn’t move. It just stood very still. In the end I was brave enough to take a look! Do you know what it was?

It was an iron man!!! Not like The Avengers superhero Ironman…. Just an iron man with sea weed, barnacles and the evidence of time passing….. apparently!!! Lesley called it sculptured art. I was a bit scared to start with but when it didn’t move for a long time I was brave enough to go closer!  I learnt something new and we both had fun!

I did a bit of art of my own after that by ‘painting’ myself with mud and wet sand!!! Lesley didn’t think much of my artwork but it felt and smelt soooo good!!! (Bad says Lesley!)

It’s so good to feel well again. I’m out and about remembering all the things that I like to do. What helps you to feel good?

#puppyisback #wellbeingpup #artwork #AntonyGormley


‘You are not your diagnosis, it is part of you but it does not define you’


So I have been away for a bit! Apparently it was ‘touch and go’ for a while! I’m not sure what that means but I know there was a lot of touching from the vets (the lady who saved me) and Lesley had to go while I was left plugged into medicines in a bag that dripped into me. Maybe that is what touch and go means!!


Anyway the good news is that I am feeling much better. I didn’t eat anything for a long time. I was asleep most of the time. People were looking after me but I can’t really remember much. I just know I felt really poorly in Lesley’s office and she made a call straight away to the ‘lady who sticks pins in me’ (now the lady who saved me) and took me there immediately!! Apparently the lady is pretty good at her job and was a ‘super hero’ a bit the same as me being a ‘super pup!!’


I have a ‘diagnosis’ now!! It took them nearly a week to find it out! I had to have lots of tests. I had an operation! My diagnosis means that a part of me is a bit different to other dogs. Different does not mean anything bad it just means that I sometimes work a bit differently to other dogs!! I am not different to how I was before it is just now I know that I have something called a diagnosis.


I thought maybe it meant that I couldn’t do the same things as I did before or the same things that all other dogs do but Lesley told me that is not true. She says I can still be me! That means that I can run, jump, play, cuddle, walk on the beach, walk in the woods, walk on the pavement, go to the shops and see my friends. I can still do my special job at school and work hard. I can still learn to do more things. I can still be a school dog. I can still use my thinking and I can still do all of the things that I love to do.


Lesley says that my diagnosis doesn’t change who I am and that I can still have my puppy dreams. She says sometimes I might have to take a medicine to help me, or visit the vet (lady who saved me is her new name!) and she says she needs to make sure that I am OK ( but she has always done that anyway!). She says I still have all of my school dog skills and that she knows that I can use these skills to help me to carry on being the best school dog and having the best life!


I am special because of my diagnosis. It is part of me. It has always been part of me it’s just I didn’t know about it before!


I have to have a little rest before I come back to school because I need to be fully well again but when I come back I know that I am going to go from strength to strength. This means that I will use all of my strengths to be the best school dog ever!!


#poorlypup #diagnosis #stillme #vetsarefab #specialthankyous #strengthbasedapproach


‘Poorly puppy’


‘Feeling blue is fine, letting it steal away your colours is not fine!’


I’m a bit blue! I’ve been a pretty poorly pup all over the half term break. Lesley says that while I am poorly and feeling ‘blue’ that I am not allowed to be a ‘coming to school’ school dog and she says I have to be a ‘home dog’ for a while!


My puppy blog is going to be ‘pawsed’ for a couple of weeks until I am feeling better. I hope that you don’t miss me too much. Lesley says that I need to concentrate on getting well and not feeling so blue. Even when I come back to school I am going to have to be an undercover pup again for a little bit. At the moment I have stitches all the way down my tummy and until those come out Lesley does not think being in school is a good plan.


I felt blue when all of my plans changed at half term. No walks, no beaches, no woods, no sniffy new places to visit. I have just been in my bed for a whole week. It was not what I expected one little bit!


The good news is that even though I’m feeling blue at the moment I know that my sparkle will return and soon I will be back to my usual colourful self. Sometimes getting well again just takes a bit of time and I need to learn to be a patient pup!


I hope your half term was better than mine. Sometimes, when we are unwell, we cannot do anything about a situation apart from let the people who know best help to get us well again. What do you do when you are feeling blue to help make you feel better? Please send me some ideas!


I will write again when I’m feeling better.


#poorlypup #feelingblue #pawsedblog

Half term rest!


Half term is coming. I hope that you are going to have a lovely time.


I know that in half term I get to walk and run and play outside all of the time. Lesley still makes me do my thinking – that helps me all of the time but it is nice to have some extra time to play too. I know now that a half term is a short holiday that helps everyone feel full of energy again.


I have lots of snuggles and cuddles with Lesley too!


What fun are you going to have in half term?


#schoolhalfterm #paisleypup #schooldog

‘Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take a moment and make it perfect!’


Sometimes things happen when they are not planned. Sometimes things happen when we are not expecting them. Sometimes this can be hard but sometimes it can be the best thing in the world.


I was waiting in reception at Peterhouse. Waiting is one of my good skills. I was waiting and waiting for Lesley to stop sorting something out so that I could go into my office and relax on my mat. It was boring waiting so I sat down. This helps me wait.


While I was waiting one of my best friends came into the reception area. He wasn’t expecting me and I wasn’t expecting him. I knew that he was pleased to see me because he gave me a great big smile. He knew that I was pleased to see him because I did a lot of wagging and then crawled to see him (while I was supposed to be waiting – hoping that Lesley didn’t notice). I crawl when I want to say hello to someone but know that I am not allowed to jump up! It is something I know to do. It makes people laugh and smile at me too.


Lesley noticed me crawling. She turned around and saw my friend too. She did a big smile too. I could tell even though her mask hid it because her eyes went all crinkly. When Lesley smiles I know what I am doing is OK. I like it when people smile at me.


Lesley let me go and say hello to my friend. It made me so happy. It made him happy too! It made my waiting so much more fun and we had a perfect moment together!


I like my school dog work. I seem to make people smile all the time.


#perfectmoment #myfriend #knowingitsok #smilinghelps

‘Dogs are not our whole life… but they make our lives whole!’


When I write my blog I always write about how I use my thinking to try to work out what I know or what I understand.


My blogs are to help you know a little bit about me!


It turns out that one of my good friends at Peterhouse has written a blog about me too. He has written about how having a school dog helps him and what he thinks about me. I like to know how I help and he says he likes to visit me. At the moment he visits me every day!


That means that every day when I wag my tail, give a Hi 5, have a snuggle or even just play fetch with my ball then the fun that I am having is more than just fun for him… it is also helping him to feel good! I like people to feel good! We go for a lunchtime walk together too and see what things we can spot along the way. He helps me to concentrate and walk right by his side.


This is what he wrote:


All about Paisley

I like giving Paisley walks.

I like throwing Paisley’s squeaky ball.

I like giving Paisley cuddles.

I like giving Paisley treats.

I like when Paisley high fives me.

I like seeing Paisley in the morning and afternoon.

I like it when Paisley rests her head on my shoulder.

I like when she tries to kiss me when she’s not meant to.

I like working with Lesley as well and telling her how I feel she’s easy to talk to.

I like when Paisley calms me down.

I like when people say “shall we go and see Paisley”.

I like when Paisley jumps on my lap.

I like when Paisley is fluffy and cuddly.

I like to put my cheek on her fluffy fur.

I like that Paisley know when I am angry, she give me big hugs


Thank you for the fun!


#schooldog #therapydog #powerofplay #motivation #playfulpup

Paisley Painting!


I like art. I really do. I like posing for photographs. I am not so sure about this latest piece of artwork though!!


Maybe Mikki will join in with funny portraits in an art lesson?


What do you think?


I would love to see your pet portraits too. They can be drawings or photos or funny pictures like mine.


Please join in with the fun.


#paisleyportrait #peterhousepets #puppypals #paintingpups


‘You are off to great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so….get on your way!’ Dr Suess


In the holidays I did some new things. Most of it was outside. I went to visit different places and sometimes I got to travel in different ways.


I walked. I went in a little car. I went in a big car. I ran. I went in a lorry.


I never really was sure what I was going to do which sometimes made me not sure if I wanted to do it but then I thought about all of the things that I knew.


  • Lesley was with me – she helps it feel OK.
  • I like going to new places – Lots of new things to look at and sniff.
  • I really like being outside – Lesley knows what I like to do
  • Usually if we go in the car we get out to walk – sometimes to the same place and sometimes to new places
  • If I am in a lorry I can see high up and get a different view – it is quite exciting because in the lorry my friend Bridget comes too so I know that I am going somewhere exciting usually with horses and dogs!


Because I remember and use what I already know I felt OK. It made me want to try to do new things. I think that I can feel confident to try to do lots of new things by using what I already know to help me.


What things do you know about that help you? Did you go anywhere exciting in the holidays? Are you planning to go anywhere in the next holiday? Is there anywhere you would like to visit where I could come too? Where could you visit when you do Learning Outside the Classroom?


#adventurepup #LoTC #usingwhatweknow #lorrytrip

Happy New Year!


With a new year comes new hopes, new ideas and new opportunities to make our lives the best that they can be!


I hope that you have all had a good break. I have had fun doing the things that I like to do. Nothing is better for me than a walk on the beach. It makes me feel good.


Hoping that you have all had the opportunity to do the things that make you feel good too!


‘Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart’ – Winnie the Pooh


I may be small and fluffy but I am filled with love and hugs! I cannot wait to see my friends at school again as we have such fun together.


#paisleypup #peterhousespup #positivepup

Merry Christmas!


I remembered! This is the time of year when Lesley puts a tree up inside the house. A tree with sticks that I cannot chew. A tree with balls that I mustn’t chase. I tree with sparkles and smells and twinkly lights that means everything looks and smells different.


I don’t always like it when things are different. It means I have to really use my thinking to help me to remember what I know. When we use what we already know to help us it makes everything a bit easier. I need to think now about ‘What do I know?’


I know that even though it feels a bit different at this time of year I have done it before and it is OK! I know not to eat the sticks on the tree now. I know not to try to pull the balls off to play with them. I know chasing the cat up the tree is not thought to be a good idea!


I also know that I like the smells and tastes of different foods at this time of year. I know that I get a present in paper which I have to unwrap. I know that I don’t go to school for a bit.


I also know the things that don’t change! I know that I still get to go on walks.  I still get to play with my toys. I still get to be with Lesley and I still have my super power that helps me when everything gets too busy! You know me too…. What is my super power?… guessed it….. it is a super puppy snooze after my Christmas  dinner!


When things change or get busy remember to think about what you already  know that can help you.


Happy Christmas Everyone!


#puppypowers #christmaschanges #knowingwhatyouknow #thinkingpup

‘Don’t rush – take time to think think think….’ Winnie the Pooh


I found something at home. Lesley opened a cupboard and this red thing fell out. I took it while she wasn’t looking. I know that I have seen it before. I had to have a think to see if I knew what it was…..


Think think think…..


What happens near this time of year? Things start changing. I know the leaves have fallen off the trees. I know it is darker in the evenings. I know that it is colder.


I need to use what I already know and what I have noticed to help me think….


If we do this it is helpful in lots of different situations. It can help to keep us safe if we notice something different. It can help us to know what to do next if something has changed and it can help us to make a plan when things are new.


But I know I have seen a red thing like this before. I know that something happens that is different for me in December….i need to start planning ahead so I know what to do to help me deal with changes and new things. Can you guess what I found in the cupboard? Can you help me to work out what I might be thinking about?


#thinkingpup #thattimeofyear #dealingwithchange #noticingthings #knowingwhatweknow


Meeting new friends!

I have had an exciting day this week. I knew things were different because Lesley packed a special bag with lots of interesting things inside it including some of my toys, my mat and lots of treats. We got into the car like we do when we go to Peterhouse and we drove….

And drove….. and drove…. I had to go to sleep because it took a long time.

We went to another school. A very big school  in Liverpool. I am part of a group called North West dogs and I found out that I am not the only school super pup …. there are others too!!! I met Heidi, Elsie and Beau. We are all learning how to work in a school.

It was very exciting. There was a lot of mud! I had to walk up stairs. I never do that! There were children, dogs, teachers and David from CLASS who teaches me how to be a super dog. It is called partnership work. We all learn from each other and share ideas.

At first I found it really difficult. Everything was new. I forgot what to do. I needed to think hard. I forgot how to listen to Lesley. I was not really a super dog!!

As I got used to things it got a little bit easier. I found out information about my new friends.  I know now that Beau is a nice, friendly dog, I know that Elsie is big but she wouldn’t hurt me at all and I know that Heidi really prefers her ball and wasn’t really interested in any of us! I realised that even though we are all different we also have lots of things in common and I think that we could be friends.  Knowing things about my friends helped me to feel more confident and calm and it helped me to listen and think.

I then got taught lots of new things. I had to listen hard. I had to think hard. I had to work hard. I worked all day! I learnt to watch what others did, I learnt how to do scent work which means using my super sniffy nose to find things and I learnt to concentrate and stay calm even though there were other dogs and people there.

I learnt that when something seems hard work to start with the more you practice it and use your thinking the easier it becomes. Meeting new people can be hard but as we get to know them it gets easier and we start to understand that it is OK because we learn more about them.

When I got home I was worn out. Can you think what I might have done? Do you remember my superpower? Do you know things about me?

That’s right ‘super puppy snoozing’ is my power. I practiced it right in front of the warm fire!

Do you find doing new things difficult? Do you find it hard to meet new people?  What sort of things do you do to help yourself?  Remember to think about what you already ‘know’ about people.

#schooldogsnorthwest #schoolpartnerships #makingfriends #hardworkbusyday


‘Lucky pup’


I am such a lucky pup! Anna, Neil and Carole at school have helped to make my garden a really interesting place.


We all need a place to go that makes us feel safe and calm. Some people like to be in dark, quiet spaces. Other people like to be in big, open large spaces. Some people like noise. Some people like quiet. Some people like busy pictures and interesting shapes. Some people like plain walls and no mess.


I like outside. I like interesting smells. I like grass and shade but I also like sunshine and patios. I like nice plants to chew. I like to watch the birds. I like to feel safe with a closed gate. I like to be able to get in and out easily. I like to have water nearby. I like to have interesting toys to play with or chew.


My garden is especially for me to keep me safe and happy in school. I have a special dog flap so I can go in and out by myself and it helps me to feel good.


I am a really lucky school dog. Thank you to all of my friends for helping to make my school garden so lovely.


What sort of spaces do you like to be in?


#environmentisimportant #paisleyspad #selfregulation

‘Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing’

Dr Seuss


At the weekend I stopped and looked around. I walked in my favourite place. I was with my family and dog friends. The sun was shining. I had good food in my tummy. I had exercise. I ran and swam and jumped and played. I had fun!


Life is pretty amazing at times.


What helps you to feel good?


#schooldogregulatingbehaviour #exercise #favouriteenvironment #motivation #feelgood #mentalhealth

‘Sometimes things are not what you think they are…’


Do you ever look at something and make a quick decision? Do you think ‘I won’t like that!’ or ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘that looks different so I won’t try it?’


I think we all do that sometimes. When things are new or different we have to really turn our thinking on to understand what everything is really about. It is very important to use our thinking when something looks different or feels different. We can use our memory to work out what we already know. We can use our eyes to look around and our brains to think and plan.


I looked at the picture of me and had a shock! I am just a head! Where is my body? Where are my legs and tail? Sometimes things are not what they seem! What do you do when you think something is not what you expected it to be?


I used my thinking to work out what I know – I know that I have legs and a tail. I know that I am not just a head! Lesley is just taking silly pictures of me to make people laugh!


Next time something is not what it seems see if you can work out what is really happening…..


#opticalillusion #puppyhead #nolegs

‘About the only time losing is more fun than winning is when you are fighting temptation!’


This week was my first week back after the half term holiday break. I was so excited to come back to school. I have seen some of my friends and I have had a good look all around school to check for any changes.


One thing that changed for me was that Lesley had to go out to a meeting. Usually she either leaves me at home or in the car (as long as it is not too hot) or sometimes someone else comes to sit with me to keep me company in her office. This week it was different!


I got to visit Janet’s office. Janet offered for me to visit. Janet said that it would be fine for me to visit her as she knew that I was a really good school dog. She knows that I have lots of meetings already in her office and I always sit quietly (after a quick sniff around) while Janet, Lesley, Calvin and Conny talk about boring things. I find their conversation not very interesting and so I usually practice my super power of snoozing. This time it was different though….


This time no one was talking. Janet was working on her computer. It was just Janet and me. It felt a bit different to normal. I had a sniff around. I had a chew of my bone. I had a drink of my water. I had a long snooze underneath Janet’s desk.


Nothing happened for a long time but just as Lesley got back it got really interesting…..


Janet was having some visitors. Special important visitors. I know that if visitors come there are rules for school dogs. Rules like be on your best behaviour, sit down, ignore them etc. The special visitor was going to have lunch with Janet. I know that there are rules about food too especially for pups like me! Human food is for humans and I have lots of my own special treats.


Janet put the sandwiches on her low table… her table is just a perfect table for a puppy like me. It is what I call a ‘nose height’ table. It smelt so good. I had been such a good dog in Janet’s office. Good dogs need rewards…..


Can you guess what I did?




I think you might have guessed it!! I had a super puppy sandwich snack!!! YUMMY!!!!!


Class Carina have been using the word ‘predict’ this week…can you ‘predict’ what happened next?


I bet you can work it out!! My clue to you is…. ‘I don’t think that the sandwich was meant as a super puppy snack for me after all.’ I need to remember to use my thinking and make good choices when there are tempting things at nose height!


‘Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!’ (Dr Seuss)


I know that I talk about thinking a lot! Thinking is so very important because it helps us to know and do things.


We have to use our thinking all day every day. We think as soon as we wake up and we think right up until we go to bed. Sometimes our thinking is easy and sometimes it is fun and sometimes it is really difficult.


We have to use our thinking to know what to do.

We have to use our thinking to make a plan.

We have to use our thinking to make sense of where we are, who is there, what is going on and what might or might not happen.

We have to think about and make sense of our own thoughts too.


Lesley talks about thinking all of the time. She tells me to ‘think what to do next’ or ‘think what I know’ or ‘use my thinking to have a guess’


Something I know about Lesley is that she takes my photograph a lot! She tells me to look! I know that means to look at her camera but she also tells me to think – so this time I thought more than I looked…can you tell what I am thinking about? I would love some captions for each picture to go on my board at school.


What do you like to think about?


#thinkingpup #thinkingup #thinkingdown #thinkingallaround #knowingtoo


‘You learn something every day if you can pay attention.’

I have started to get better at listening. I have learnt to focus, watch, listen and pay attention to Lesley. If I do that she gives me ‘cues’ to help me remember to do the right thing. It makes everything a little bit easier for me and the ‘cues’ are just there to help me do things even better.

Cues that work and help me:
- she will click her fingers and point that reminds me to settle on my mat without her using any words
- she smiles at me and I know I’ve been a good dog and I wag my tail because it makes me feel good
- she taps her bag and I know to watch her or listen and forget about everything else in the room
- she pauses to give me time to think so I can work out what I need to do
- she clicks the clicker when I’ve done something right or learnt something new and it helps me to remember it for next time
- my mat reminds me to lie down and settle
- she checks that I remember by practicing things with me
- she makes learning fun so that I want to do it again and again
- we practice the same thing in different places so that I can remember to generalise my skills (this is the hardest thing and I really have to pay attention)

When I am paying attention I learn really well.

Do you have reminders that help you?

Sometimes an object, a picture, a word or a gesture are enough to remind me what to do and they just help me to focus and think so that I can do things by myself. Lesley says she uses a list of words to remind her to do things and she has an alarm on her phone and a diary!! I don’t need all of that I just have my special things that help me pay attention perfectly!

Let me know what helps you to pay attention and learn!

#payingattention #paisleypup #thingsthathelp


‘Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens every day can end beautifully’


Sometimes I have a bad day!


Sometimes the weather is wrong and it rains and I don’t get to go for my favourite walk.


Sometimes Lesley decides I have to do lead training on my walks and makes me walk sensibly to heel rather than explore where I want to go which was not what I expected to do.


Sometimes a day is boring and I don’t have much to do and I just have to be ‘good’ even though I want to be busy doing things.


Sometimes a day is so busy that I am exhausted and I just want to curl up in my bed and rest.


Sometimes something is just not right but I can’t say what. I might have a funny feeling or a tummy ache or feel tired or feel fed up. I might not do the things that I usually do and those days can be hard.


Sometimes I have to remember what I know…. What I know though is that even if I am having a bad day there are always people there to help me. People who want to make things better. People who want to teach me new things and people who understand me.


Sometimes I have to remember that at the end of the day I am just learning and I can start again tomorrow. Do you ever have a bad day?


#makingmistakesisok #paisleypup #learning


‘Never underestimate the power of gaining a new perspective’

Sometimes it is hard to think about some one else’s point of view. Thinking is hard work. Knowing what other people are thinking is even harder work! Sometimes finding a new perspective helps us to understand other people.

I decided that I wanted to learn more about my friend Bridget’s perspective.

My view is that when I walk with her she has 4 big cloppy hooves that clip clop very close to me and could easily squash me. Although I like my walks with her I keep a very close eye on her feet so that I stay safe. She doesn’t seem to keep a close eye on me though. She looks here, there and everywhere. I think she isn’t really bothered about being my friend when we are walking. She just ignores me.

It turns out that Bridget sees things very differently to me. All I can see are 4 big hooves, 2 feet in wellies (Lesley’s) and hedges. When I looked from Bridget’s point of view I could see the sky, the sun, the fields, the sheep, the cows, the trees, I could see far away and I wasn’t worried about getting squashed at all. No wonder Bridget doesn’t seem bothered about me. She is too busy looking at everything that she can see over the hedges!

If we all try hard to see things from another point of view then we can all start to understand each other more and more.

Do you ever find it hard to work out what other people are thinking? Maybe seeing things from their viewpoint might help.

#newperspectives #thinking #understandingeachother


Forgetting the rules:


I have had a bit of difficulty remembering everything that I have to do when I am working.


Sometimes when it’s busy or a new place or lots of people I forget to turn my thinking on. Different things happen to me.


  • Sometimes my sniffy nose takes over and I cannot think because of all the different smells around me.
  • Sometimes there are so many people and I forget that I am supposed to be a good, quiet puppy and I just want to say hello to everyone. My tail wags fast (that is how you can tell) and I stop using my thinking. 
  • Sometimes when I am somewhere new I also want to look around and check everything out so I stop listening to Lesley.


This week I did really well. I worked with a friend, I attended a meeting, I walked at lunchtime and remembered all of my rules.


I thought that I was doing very well. Then Lesley took me to another meeting after school. The following things happened:

  • It was not interesting for me.
  • No one talked to me.
  • No one was playing.
  • It was too hot.
  • Lesley was writing and talking and asking questions.
  • I got fed up!
  • I stopped thinking and listening.
  • I was started trying to do things to get people to listen to me.
  • I made squeaky noises at Lesley
  • I put my nose up to look on the table.
  • I started pacing about.
  • I interrupted Lesley!


Lesley recognised that I had a problem and she did try to help me sort it out. But I knew that I had not had a good meeting. I did not follow my rules for school. Lesley did not think I was a good dog.


Usually I like it when she says ‘good dog’ it means she is pleased with me. It makes me wag my tail.  This time she did not say it. She said ‘stop’, ‘settle’, ‘wait’, and then I had to wait for ages and ages. In the end I remembered to turn my thinking on. Think think think….


What does a puppy do when it is fed up and bored? 


Then I remembered…


Super puppy snoozing!!


It is definitely a good thing to remember your strategies. Once I remembered mine Lesley said good dog and even gave me a treat. She said next time I have to try to remember them more quickly. She said it is OK to forget because I have had a long summer off but now that I am back I have to turn my thinking on again.


What strategies can you remember that help you?


#naughtypuppy #forgetfulpup #strategieshelp #thinkingpup #zonesofregulation

‘Sometimes inspiration comes from a single ray of sunshine’


We all need to learn to relax. To find our ‘flow state’ and to know what helps us to feel good.


For me there are different things that help me at different times but all help me to have a good quality of life. They are:

- a gentle stroll outside

- fresh air and exercise like running and jumping on the beach

- enjoying sniffy smells and following my nose

- tasty treats

- using my thinking and focusing on my work

- knowing what is happening so I don’t have to guess

- seeing my people friends at Peterhouse

- meeting animal friends out and about


And best of all being with my family and having a snooze in the sun!


What do you like to do? Have a think about what you do that makes time go so quickly you don’t know where it has gone.


Lesley asked other people what they like to do. Conny likes to art journal or walk her dogs, Calvin likes to play sport, Janet likes to crochet. Lesley likes to read or cook or play music but most of all she likes to be out and about with me and my other animal friends!!


It’s good to know what helps us to relax.


#relaxationgoals #puppydreams #flowstate #knowingwhathelps

‘Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you’


I have been thinking about what helps me. When I came back to school although it felt the same there were some changes. New people. Different classrooms to visit. New things to learn.


Sometimes it can all feel a bit overwhelming and new. I had forgotten a few of my rules and things that help me but Lesley soon reminded me. She is always there to help me to remember what to do. I just have to remember to listen and think.


When I am at home my animal friends help me too. We may be all different but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help each other. One is very old and she can’t hear anymore and one is a cat not a dog so very different to me but we all help each other to remember what to do and to do the right things. We are good friends!


Who helps you in school or at home? Do you help other people too?


#helpingourfriends #schoolassistancedog #puppysupport

‘Back to school’


What is happening? I had a quick peep outside to see what was happening as my routine seems to have changed again!


Has it changed for you?


Suddenly everyone is up early, putting on uniform, feeding me my breakfast earlier and then back to my very early morning walks. I’m not complaining. I like my routine. I like being a school dog. I like to learn. It all helps me to know what I am supposed to be doing.


I wonder what we are going to learn about this year?


Things that I already know. I have missed my Peterhouse friends. I am looking forward to meeting new friends. I am looking forward to working as a school dog again. I know that we will have some fun.


Welcome back everyone!

Paisley’s holiday blog – signing off for Summer!


Life is all about balance! You don’t always need to be ‘getting stuff done’. Sometimes it is perfectly ok, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, lie back, and do nothing! It is important that we all take time to rest and recharge. To have fun and relax. To know what helps us to feel good and to find ways to do it.


We don’t all need to do the same things either. For some people it might be sightseeing in a busy place for another going for walks in the countryside. It might be about playing games, reading, sleeping, eating, seeing friends, being alone. It is about taking time to think about, and know, what works for you! It is also about trying things that might help us learn to find our calm too.


I know that I like to run and play on the beach, in the park, in the woods and in the garden. I don’t mind if it is wet, sunny, warm or cold. My relaxation is about my doggy walks and following my nose.


To all my friends at Peterhouse have a wonderful and restful summer break. I am putting my pen down until September. If you want to find me I will be outside …..somewhere!


#findwhathelpsyou #balance #knowingwhatworks #happyholidays

‘A writer only begins a book…a reader finishes it.’

(quote Samuel Johnson)


Mia* has been reading to me. I love it! The book is ‘Where’s Paisley?’


If she had looked she would have seen that I was sitting right next to her but I know that she is helping me to learn to listen to reading with someone else other than Lesley so I practiced my listening very hard. I also practiced my looking because as well as the words in the book there are lots and lots of pictures. Apparently somewhere on each page there is a picture of me that you have to find. I thought it was pretty hard work so even though I looked really hard I couldn’t find me but Mia found me every time!


I love listening to people read. Mia read to me about every dog’s dream – it was a page called Bark in the Park! I love going to the park too so I think I will see if Mia will practice walking there with Lesley too. It is nice to do new things with different people.  She has been helping me with my ‘heel’ work and we walk around the block and I have to remember to listen, walk next to her and not let my sniffy nose take me onto my own walk. I listen to Mia and everything that she tells me to do. Mia is my friend. I want to say thank you to her for helping me to learn.


Who helps you to learn? What are some of your favourite things to do?


#readingpup #listeningpup #lookingatbooks #goodtoread #paisleyatpeterhouse


* name changed to protect privacy


Working like a dog!


I am so proud of what I do! I even have my special new coat to show that I am now official.


Class Rebecca have been writing all about me. There is a special power point that shows all of my travels (remember I am a secret agent so I can still travel secretly!) They have had to use their thinking to work out where I have been by exploring my suitcase, my picture post cards and my props….


Mmmmmmmm Can you work it out? This week was about kangaroos, didgeridoos and an Opera House. I wonder where I went?  There is some suggestion that I have used photo shop but Rebecca are I like to work undercover so we cannot reveal how we did it.


The children have read me stories, drawn me pictures and I have had great fun visiting the class to see and hear all about it. We all work so hard but we all have so much fun too.


#undercoverpup #photoshopornot #workingdog #readingandwriting #thinking

‘Friendship is a very comforting thing to have’

(AA Milne)


I am getting pretty good at circuit training now. I am such a lucky puppy. I have been able to work with different children and they all help me so much. I thought being a school dog was going to be fun but I didn’t realise how much fun until I stopped being a secret agent puppy and started becoming a proper working dog. I have got lots of friends.


One of the things that I like to do is circuit training. I love circuit training. Mia* is helping me to learn some special things as part of my homework from my latest assessment.


I am learning to hurdle (without Lesley), to focus on Mia instead of Lesley and she is also teaching me to snuggle. She is also helping in my training to help me listen to people read. This week I got so excited to work with Mia because she is my friend. We had good fun together.


Thank you to the pupils at Peterhouse School for being my friends.


#luckypup #friendshipgoals #beingkind #helpingeachother


* name changed to protect privacy

Patience is a virtue….


Learning to wait! This is something that is really hard to do. I have had to practice and practice and practice. Lesley takes me to lots of different places and I have to wait wherever I go.


Sometimes there are things to sniff or people to talk to or things I want to do….


Then waiting is even harder. 


I keep looking and listening and thinking and I know that if I keep still and wait for a long time I usually get to do the things that I want to do.


Do you find waiting hard? If you do keep practicing because it does get easier.


#waiting #patience #patientpup #practice

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you can go.’


Although I like to run and jump and exercise I also like to sit quietly. I like to learn.


Lesley likes to read. She is teaching me to listen to her read. She thinks that reading is a really good skill and I do too although I also like listening, looking at the pictures and just being calm and quiet next to Lesley.


I am practicing my listening so that children can read to me. I am really excited for children to read different things to me because I think I will learn about all of their different interests and then I will know even more.


What things do you like to read about?


#listeningpup #peterhousereading #calmandquiet #paisleypuppy

Outdoor Temptations


Being outside is one of my favourite things to do. There is so much to learn about and look at.


This week I stood on the top of a sand dune and looked at a golf course. There are rules about that lovely green grass and the big spaces to run. The rules are that I am not allowed onto them because they are just for golfers!


I have to really use my good thinking to remember the rules and to stop myself trying to get to the golf courses. I sometimes see people or balls and things that I like and it looks so exciting. I always turn on my thinking and remember what I know that golf courses are for golfers and not for puppies like me!


Do you ever find it hard to do the right thing when something else looks more interesting? How do you help yourself remember what to do?


#puppythinking #golflooksgreat #rememberingwhatIknow #makinggoodchoices

‘The more you celebrate your life the more in life there is to celebrate’


I believe in myself!


I have learnt a lot!


I can do what I need to do to be an excellent school dog!


I keep working hard!


I keep thinking hard!


I keep trying hard!


I keep listening to the people who help me!


I keep learning!


I am a super pup!!


Let’s have a day to celebrate!!!!


What have you done that you are proud of?


#celebrateachievements #lifegoals #paisleyday

‘I’m always looking forward to try new things in my life’


I do like to try new things and Lesley has helped me to do lots of new things in my Peterhouse learning.


This week I went for a walk to Botanic Gardens with one of my Peterhouse friends. I hadn’t walked there before. It was all new to me. Lesley says trying new things is good but sometimes we need a bit of preparation. I like to know what to expect. I thought about what I already know.


I know about parks so at first it was all OK but then I found a dark tunnel. It was something new. Everything felt different. It was dark, it was quiet, it felt a bit scary. I had a sniff and a think. I sat outside the tunnel to get used to it. Once I had sat for a little bit the tunnel seemed OK. I decided that instead of looking back at Lesley that I would look forward and walk through the tunnel.


Guess what?


I came out of the other side and it was all OK. The sun was still shining, the birds were singing and the park was just as fun. Now I know that even if something scares me to start with I can still get used to it and try new things. Sometimes I can do it quickly and sometimes I need more time to prepare. I always think about what I already know.


Do you find new things difficult? How do you help yourself to be able to do new things?


#thinkingaboutwhatweknow #newthings #makingaplan #PaisleyatPeterhouse #Botanicgardens


Generalising skills by working with others


Sometimes I work with little children and sometimes I work with really tall children. It doesn’t matter to me. I like all of the children whether they are small or tall. The things that help me are people doing and saying the same things. I like it when things don’t change too quickly. I then learn to use my listening and thinking and even if it is a different person it helps me to still do the same skill because they do it in the same way.


When I work with different people it makes me realise that it is important to me that everything is consistent. If people do some things differently or move their hands in a different way it can make me confused. I am good at looking and listening. I am good at thinking too. If people do and say the same things I can use all of my concentrating skills together and work out what I need to do.


I know quite a few words but sometimes a sign helps me too because it lasts a bit longer and gives me time to think about what I am being asked to do. It is important to know how people like to communicate and how to support understanding because it makes things easier when being asked to do thing or being given instructions.


Knowing about people helps too. I know all about Lesley and she does it the same each time but I am learning to work with other people and even when things are a little bit different I can work out what to do and it is good to get used to new people. I do enjoy working with different people because I have lots of fun.


#communicationsupport #supporting understanding #paisleypup #newpeople

‘Success is about taking an advantage of an opportunity’


Sometimes new things are hard. If we don’t know what to expect it can be a bit daunting. Lesley tries to always prepare me so that I know what is happening and what to expect. She also tells me that I have to use my own thinking to ‘work out’ what is going on when I am not sure. She says it is important to use what we know so that we can make good choices and help us to feel good.


I have been watching my friend Bridget the horse do all sorts of exciting things. Lesley said that it was helping me to learn to sit and wait, to know about other animals, to know about differences, to understand what to do in different circumstances and to have patience. She didn’t know that I was also learning about things that horses do!


Things I know about my friend. She is big, she neighs, she is strong, she runs very fast and she likes to jump! She likes to jump a lot. Guess what so do I!! So we have some things that are the same. I decided that I would start practicing my jumping like my horse friend does. I even used the same jumps although they were a little bit lower for me (I only have short legs!). Lesley said she would help me. It is a bit like circuit training in PE. I had to look, listen, watch and think and then……


I ran and jumped and ran and jumped and had so much fun! I didn’t know that I was going to enjoy doing things that my friend the horse does but once I gave it a go I now know that I really enjoy it!


What new things have you learnt to do?


#opportunities #success #unusualfriends #paisleypup #jumpingisfun

Working with pupils


I have been having so much fun. I am now allowed to work with the pupils at Peterhouse.


I would like to do it all day everyday but Lesley says there are strict rules to make sure that I don’t work too hard and have enough rest breaks but also that the children are very busy learning in their classrooms too.


I have done quite a few things. I have learnt to do road safety with class Sharon. I have shown class Carina that I can use talking buttons that say ‘go’ and we have run races. I also have walked with students who wanted some fresh air. I even went on a green screen with Titus and I think I am going to be in a video!


The newest thing that I have done is some circuit training. I have worked with Tulip*. She has helped me to learn what to do and designed the circuit. She was so helpful. We had to email PE Carole and ask for ideas. Then Tulip showed me how to do the actual moves on the circuit. Things like bunny hops and walking over a bench, going through a hoop, going through a tunnel, jumping over a hurdle and lots more. Tulip helped me by putting start and stop markers on the floor so I knew where I had to stop and go. That really helped me because it was visual and then very clear for me to know what I had to do. She and Lesley then did and said the same things to help me. That was useful too because then I could understand whoever was talking to me.


I had such fun learning about circuit training. I hope that Tulip did too.


#peterhousepup #PEpuppy #pupilsandpups #paisleypup


* name changed for privacy

Spotting the unusual


I used my thinking last week and I knew things were changing. I knew because of the flowers and because Lesley didn’t wear a coat. I noticed things around me and ‘spotted the unusual’. I also noticed that the sky was blue and the sun was shining.


When we spot the unusual it helps us to tune our thinking in to everything around us. It helps us to know what to do next and to make a plan. It is important that we learn to ‘spot the unusual’ because then we can help ourselves and be independent rather than rely on other people to make decisions for us.


When I walk with Lesley sometimes I forget to spot the unusual and then I can get a shock! If a big dog jumps on me because I haven’t noticed it I don’t like it very much. I have worked out that if I keep thinking and looking I notice things and then I know what to do. If I see a big dog that I don’t know I often stop to see what it is going to do. If I am not sure about it I then stand close to Lesley because I know that she will keep me safe.


Spotting the unusual is an important skill to have.


Having fun is also an important skill and the sand dunes and the beach are my favourite place to have fun! This time I didn’t spot anything unusual I just had lots and lot of fun!!


#thinking puppy #spottheunusual #paisleypup #knowingwhattodo #peterhouseschooldog

Spring: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be


I went out for a walk today and everything looked different to me! It was a bit strange. In the woods where there is usually nothing but earth it was covered with blue flowers. I also noticed that Lesley didn’t wear her coat and the weather was warmer. I do notice lots of things all of the time.


I remember that last year it got so hot I had to dig dig dig in the sand to make it cooler for me. I started to think that maybe that might happen again. I had got so used to everything being cold and wet that I forgot about all of the lovely things that I do in the spring and summer.


I had to use my memory to think about what I already know. I have lived on this earth for a whole 18 months now so I think I know that things do change all of the time. Changes can be quite hard. I think it can make people feel unsure and it is important then to use our thinking to work out what we already know and what we need to know to help us cope with change. I know that there are always people who will help too.


I know now that when the blue flowers appear it means that the weather is getting warmer and Lesley says ‘spring is in the air’. I like to spring in the air too when I am chasing flies and catching bouncing balls but I don’t think that is what Lesley means!! She means there are changes in the air and the weather is feeling warmer.


I hope you have a happy and sunny weekend in this nice warm weather too.


#bluebellwoods #happypup #paisleypuppy #springtime #knowingaboutchange

I spy with my little eye....

Something buzz buzz buzzed past my ear and landed on the floor next to me!

I did not know what it was. It gave me a shock. I got distracted. I watched it for a really long time. It buzzed and crawled along the floor next to me. I wasn’t sure what it was.

Lesley was talking to me but I couldn’t listen or think because this little buzzy thing didn’t go away. I don’t think Lesley noticed it because she was busy getting ready to go out and wanted me to hurry up and get ready too. I couldn’t get ready though because all I could hear was a buzzing sound and all I could think about was ‘is it going to lift off the ground and buzz in my ear again?’

When there is something distracting in the environment it can be really difficult to concentrate and listen and most of all to think. Buzzy things are particularly distracting for me (and meowing things too!) I needed a bit more time to work out what Lesley was asking me to do because my head was full of thinking about the buzzy creature!!

I watched it for a really long time in case it buzzed in the air again. I tried to make friends with it too by rolling over. Lesley told me that it was called a fly and she didn’t think it wanted to play with me or to be my friend. I think she is right and now I know that if a fly buzzes in my ear it won’t hurt me. I think I might still try to chase them though because that bit was fun.....

#distractingthoughts #ispyafly #paisleypup


‘It’s not about being all the same…it’s about respecting differences’


I have a new friend. She is called Bridget. She is much bigger than me. She is much heavier than me. She talks differently to me. She lives in a different place to me. We are very different…. But she is my friend.


I have learnt a lot about my friend and I can do things to help her and she can do things to help me. Things that we know:

  • She doesn’t like it if I run up behind her
  • I don’t like it if she sniffs me when I am not looking
  • She lives in a stable but I live in a house.
  • She eats grass and hay. I am not so keen on that.
  • She neighs and I woof but we understand each other.
  • We both love walking!!!!


#walkforautism #acceptingdifference #friends #paisleypuppy #horsepals

Walk for Autism Day 8


Proud of my achievements. I am a proud puppy at Peterhouse.


I am raising money for autism. My friends are helping me. I am walking 10000 steps a day.


I have raised over £900 with my friends. Thank you for sponsoring me.


Keep walking.


#walkforautism #paisleypuppy #proudpup

Walk for Autism Day 7


I’ve walked and walked and walked..... we have done well over 10000 steps a day.... we walk early in the morning because Lesley likes it when there are less people about! I think it means I have less to distract me so I listen very well. Sometimes in busy environments with lots of people it’s very hard to listen and concentrate. I practice it a lot but in the school holidays Lesley likes to walk when it’s quiet. I think she enjoys it as much as I do. The sun is shining so now I get to put my feet up as well. Happy Easter everyone.


#wewalkforautism #Eastersunshine #sunbathingpup

Walk for Autism Day 6:  10000 steps a day!


‘phew’ I am getting tired out!!


Keep walking for autism. I will have a puppy power nap so I can start again.


#puppypower #walkforautism

Peterhouse Pals (Walk for Autism Day 5)


My friends at school have helped me to walk. We all had so much fun. I went walking to heel around the block with class Sharon. We did road safety looking and listening for cars as well as sensible walking on the pavement independently. , In class Carina I ran races and we counted our steps walking around the playground. They also made cakes although no one gave me one!  I also visited Class Rebecca when they were dressed up for world book day. We did laps of the playground and counted our steps. The children all helped me and we had so much fun.


I like being a school dog!


Thank you for helping me walk for autism.

#walkforautism #schooldog #peterhousepals

Walk for Autism Day 4


Uh oh!

Today’s walk for autism did not go as planned! I still had fun though…I just know that now I need a bath!


#muddypuppy #walkforautism #bathtime


Still image for this video

Walk for Autism Day 3


‘Let’s go’

Lesley has taught me to use my voice. I have three words. Go, Treat and Hello.

I want everyone to get ready to ‘go’ and walk for autism.

Ready steady…….GO!

#walkforautism #communicationsupport #go

Walk for Autism Day 2


Today I am walking with my friend Bridget – she is a bit bigger than me!!

I really like Bridget, I visit her every single day and I have worked out that we don’t have to be the same to be friends, we just have to understand one another. Bridget might have 4 feet like me but I know that I need to keep out of the way of her hooves. We do have some things in common though. We both like walking……. 10,000 steps here I come…….


Walk for Autism Day 1


After all this practice I know that I am good at walking.

I have walked on pavements, fields, woods, beaches, paths, playgrounds and in school.

I have walked on the lead and off the lead.

I have walked to heel and I have walked wherever I my sniffy nose has led me.

I know that I have fun. I know that by practicing my skill is better than ever and by practicing in different places I can do it really well wherever I am.

I know that my friends help and join me on the way.

My skills are in walking. I am a super puppy with super walking powers.

It is good to use what you know to help you to achieve your goals. My goal is 10,000 steps a day.

Let’s get walking!

#walkforautism #paisleypuppy #peterhouseschooldog #fundraising #knowingwhatyouknow #goals

Paisley and Kate Silver Walk for Autism


I have been a school dog for 18 months now. I have had to learn a lot. I find the best way to learn is to listen and practice and work with people who help me. I then start trying to do things more independently.


Lesley helps me a lot. She teaches me new things. She helps me to remember what I know and she helps me to feel good about the things I am learning to do. Most of all we have fun!


My walk for Autism is so much fun. I have practiced at school, I have practiced at home, I have practiced on my own with just Lesley and I have practiced with lots of friends including cats, dogs, horses and children at school.


This weekend I walked with Kate. She is the Deputy CEO for Autism Initiatives. Lesley told me I had to show my best skills to Kate.


Lesley and Kate have worked together for a very long time and Kate said that she would help my walk for autism. I like Kate. It is so nice when people help us to achieve our goals. We walked a long way. I think we did 10,000 steps in one walk. I showed Kate that I was a sensible puppy who had good listening and thinking skills (most of the time!). I also showed her that I had a sniffy nose and liked to go a find different things to look at and smell and roll in and have fun!!!


Thanks you Kate for helping me ‘Walk for Autism’. I think we had a great adventure and we have done our 10,000 steps!


Can you help too?


#walkforautism #paisleypuppy #peoplewhohelp #10000steps


‘I get by with a little help from my friends’


I am walking a lot! I like walking! I am practicing! I am walking for autism.


My friends at Peterhouse are going to help me. I also have friends out of Peterhouse, animal friends, and they are going to help me too…..


My baby brother Benji who lives with Cheryl from Peterhouse helped me walk 10,000 paw steps, my big sister Peppa came too.


I have also walked with Bridget the horse, Figaro the cat and Elfie the dog….. Everyone is helping me to walk 10,000 steps a day. Will you help too?


#walkforautism #withhelpfromourfriends #paisleypuppy #peterhouseschooldog


‘Worn out’


Phew!!! All of this walking is tiring me out. I’m practicing everyday but sometimes I just like to lie back and relax on one of my favourite humans!


I hope you are practicing too. Remember exercise is good for you but so is relaxing. We must all look after ourselves.


I am looking forward to people joining me with all of this walking!


#walkforautism #paisleyatpeterhouse #paisleypup #paisleyspawpaddingchallenge #putyourpawsup

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’


Sometimes I just sit and think! I look at all of the things that I want to do and achieve and I try to make a plan of how to do it.


My walk for autism is part of me dreaming about helping people with autism. My puppy dreams include running and walking and enjoying the outside with my friends.


I am dreaming of 10,000 steps a day. I am practicing every day. Do you want to join my team?


#walkforautism #makingaplan #paisleypawpaddingchallenge #paisleyatpeterhouse #paisley’spals

‘I believe success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination’


Planning our walk for autism. I am giving Lesley the power of positive thinking and determination. I can walk 10,000 steps a day. I think she can too. We have been practicing every day.


I think we can all achieve success if we have the belief in ourselves and the confidence to try. What things are you determined to achieve?


#walkforautism #powerpuppywalking #peterhousepup #10000steps #successstories

Relax, Refresh, Recharge


Lesley says life is all about balance. That didn’t make sense to me. I think balance means standing up and not falling over. I had to check what she meant. Lesley said no she meant something different…


She said that it means that you don’t always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it is OK and necessary to shut down, lie back and do nothing. I understood what Lesley meant then. She meant that I should use my super power.


Snoozing here I come!! Super snoozing puppy by the warm fire.


Half term rest ready for fun at school again.


What do you do to relax, refresh and recharge?


#superpuppy #superpowers #paisleyschooldog #mentalhealthisimportant #relaxation #zonesofregulation

Charity begins at home…


Walk for Autism is a challenge to raise money for people with autism. It is from 26th March until 2nd April. I am setting myself a goal to ‘walk for autism’.


What do I know already?


  • I work in a school for children with autism
  • My school is amazing
  • I like working with the children
  • The children like working with me
  • I love walking
  • I want to walk for autism


Sometimes when we decide to do things it helps to make a plan. I needed to make a plan…



  1. Find out what we have to do
  2. Tell people about the plan
  3. Get sponsors
  4. Do it


I found out this:

  • We have to walk 10,000 steps every day
  • People sponsor us to walk 10,000 steps every day (that means give money)
  • 10,000 steps is about 5 miles a day
  • We tell people what we are doing
  • We get people to do it with us
  • We raise money for people with autism


So part one of my plan is done. Part 2 of my plan is telling everyone…this blog does that so part 2 is done too. Now I need to see who will join me and help me and sponsor me in my plan and then I need to wait for the 26th of March and do it!


I have my own plan to get people to help me:

  • I hope that some of the children will walk with me each day at school for my daily walk. ( I think Lesley will ask the teachers to help with that)
  • I want to walk around the playgrounds everyday too with each class ( I think Lesley will ask the teachers about that too)
  • I hope that Lesley will give me an extra-long walk every day (that is my best part of the plan)
  • I hope that people will encourage me and help me to achieve my plan (it is nice when people help)
  • I hope that I can raise money for the children that I work with


I am going to walk for autism as Paisley Puppy at Peterhouse School. I will make sure that I do a paw count and complete my 10,000 steps every day. Would you like to join in too? Or sponsor me to do it? I am excited to start so I think that I will practice from now….practicing helps us to do things and practicing walking is my best ever part of the plan!!!


Please support me in walk for autism.


#wewalkforautism @wewalkforautism #paisleypuppy #schooldog #achieveinggoals #makingplans

Self-confidence is the best outfit


Lesley tells me that I am a super pup. Sometimes she tells me that I am a naughty puppy too. I have to think about all of the things that I know that I can do to work out which one I really am….


Things that I know:

  • I listen
  • I try hard
  • I use my thinking
  • I work hard
  • I know the things that I like to do
  • I learn all of the time
  • I am loved
  • I have fun
  • I concentrate
  • I have friends
  • People are interested in me
  • I am still young and have lots to learn
  • Sometimes I make a mistake – but that is OK
  • I have super snoozing powers
  • I have lots of energy
  • I exercise
  • I eat well
  • I play
  • I chase the cat (that is the only time she calls me ‘naughty puppy’)
  • I am a school dog and I am proud of that


I think that I have worked out that chasing the cat is not a good idea! I know that I am a super puppy and that is the best that I can be.


What things are you good at? It is good to know what skills you already have because then you know what you need to learn and what you can already do and that helps you to be confident to try different activities.


#thinkingpuppy #paisleypuppy #schooldog #buildingselfconfidence #knowingwhatweknow #metacognition

Making the best of things…


Sometimes Lesley reads things and gets ideas….


She read this: ‘ Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood’


I had to think about what the word exercise meant. Mmmm …..who do I know that does ‘exercise’?


Carole at school does lots of exercise. I like looking through the window of the hall and seeing what the children are doing. They play with balls sometimes! I like balls. They also run and jump and play games and laugh and have fun. I think exercise happens in the hall do you?


When I was little I found the hall a scary place. It had high ceilings and a slippery floor and I wasn’t too sure about it. Now I know about the hall I like it.


I learnt all about the hall. Lesley practiced with me walking in the hall, playing in the hall, chasing balls in the hall, learning in the hall when everyone had gone home at night and I learnt that the hall is actually OK. Now I find it a really fun place to go. I like exercise in the hall, it is fun!


I think Aly does exercise too….


Aly does lots of walking outside like me. He shows children pictures of where they are going and they have special things to ‘spot’ along the way. That helps make it exciting but also then they know what to expect. When we know more about the places we visit it makes it easier. Sometimes not knowing about what is happening can make us decide that we don’t want to do it. I use my thinking (and sniffing) to help me know what I know. People at school help us to know what to expect in new places by showing photos too.


When I walk outside I usually know the route but if it is somewhere new Lesley makes me stay near to her so that I listen and concentrate. Sometimes new places make me very excited because there are so many different smells and things to look at. Then I forget to turn on my thinking altogether and I forget to turn on my listening. It makes it much harder when I do that and sometimes Lesley has to put me on the lead to remind me to think. Once I remember she lets me off again and then I can run and jump and play and chase balls and paddle and roll and sniff…… I think that I exercise all of the time…..


I think I like exercise. I think I have worked out that exercise is all the things that I like to do. I have so much exercise that my mind and body feel fantastic it is why I am such a happy, calm, contented puppy!


I know that the thing that Lesley read is a good thing. I am glad she had that idea it means I get to do more of what I like.


Do you like to exercise? Where do you go? I would love to see pictures of you outside having fun!


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Knowing what I know…


Sometimes things feel a bit harder than normal. I have been using my thinking to help me.


Things that I know:


  • Winter is cold
  • It is wet a lot
  • It is still dark in the mornings and the evenings
  • People are still having to lockdown
  • It can make me feel a bit fed up.
  • I can still use my thinking….


Things that I know and think about that help me:


  • Using my thinking to find fun things to do – I find interesting things to look at and play with
  • Playing my games – I look at my favourite toys and have fun
  • Keeping to a routine – I like it when I know what is happening
  • Using my brain – I am still learning new things all of the time even when I am home learning
  • Exercise – this is my favourite part of everyday and it makes me feel good
  • Eating – Lesley gives me a healthy meal two times a day but she also gives me some special treats that I really like
  • Sleep – having a good night’s sleep helps my puppy brain
  • Being with the people who like me – I am a school dog and a home dog again at the moment. People help me all of the time and I like those people they make me feel good.
  • Hugs – my family can give me a hug and that makes me feel good


Even when things feel a bit harder we can use our thinking to help us and then things seem better. Things that I also know because I learnt about it last year.


  • Sometimes the sky is still blue and the sun shines
  • I still get to go out every day for a walk
  • The weather will get warmer
  • I will be able to do more things again and have fun
  • I am really good at waiting – that was one of the first skills that I had to learn and I am glad that I did
  • My thinking really helps me to feel better and know things


Are you using your thinking at the moment? What things help you?


#paisleypuppy #schooldog #lockdownthinking #knowingwhatyouknow

Learning to read….


One of the things that I am learning to do is to listen and stay calm with children when they are doing work. I am learning to read with children and to listen to them. I am also learning to read myself!!! (I know – I really am a super pup)


When I am at home I have to practice all of my learning every day. This helps me to remember what to do. Sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I get it right but if I keep practicing I get better and better at it.


My human sister is studying at a place called university. This means she usually goes away from our home to a different place to learn and then comes home in the holidays. Because of lockdown my human sister has had to stay at home. She has to practice her learning at home too just like me. She also has some tests like I did to show off what she knows!! She seemed to be very busy so I thought I would practice my learning too and show her my super puppy skills of helping people to stay calm when they are learning and listening to them read. I think she liked it!


I can do this skill at school too. I like it when children read to me.


I like learning it keeps my brain busy. Let’s keep on learning all of the time.


#learningisgood #readingpup #listeningpup #practicehelps

Happy New Year!


Lesley said Christmas was different this year. She said everything was different.


I understand that because last year lots of people came to the house but this year it was just my family and no one else.


When things are different it can make a puppy like me feel confused and unsure. I like to know what is happening. I like my routine because then my thinking is much easier. For me Christmas didn’t feel very different to every day. I actually didn’t mind too much just my family at Christmas because I know them very well and they know me too. It was quite a calm time.


We did the same things every day. We ate, we walked, we watched TV, we played games, we slept! Lesley said it was a quiet Christmas but for me it was just good fun. I did all of the things that I like to do.


I hope that you had a good Christmas and a happy new year. I know things are a bit different again and we can’t see lots of people but there are lots of things we can do to help us.

  • We can exercise (my favourite part of the day)
  • We can eat ( Another favourite part of my day)
  • We can learn (Lesley makes me practice my skills every day)
  • We can do the things that we enjoy at home (I like to go into the garden and see my friend the cat)
  • We can sleep (my superpower)


Most of all I know that I can remember to think about what I know. I know that I am OK so  I am going to ‘stay calm in all of the chaos’ and carry on following my routine.


#puppylockdown #knowingwhatyouknow #routineisgood #thinkingpuppy

Christmas presents!


I am a very lucky puppy. I was given a Christmas present. It had dog treats and squeaky toys. There were also socks with my face on for Lesley!!


I loved opening my presents. I loved the wrapping paper noise and the fun. It can get a bit too exciting though. I forgot to use my thinking and started to not listen or concentrate. Lesley knew I was finding things a bit much so she suggested a calm down. I lay on my mat and my friend who had bought me the Christmas present read me the special book that she had written. It was all about animals.


I ended up being very calm again and then I could listen and think and concentrate.


Remember when things get too much we all have ways to help us reach a calm / alert. We might need the people who help us to remind us what to do but it is good to know that we can find ways of helping ourselves, especially when everything is a bit different.


I think 2020 has been a different type of year but I also know that I am a very lucky puppy at Peterhouse school.


Thank you to all my friends who help me, I hope that you got a nice present too.


#paisley’spresent #zonesofregulation #thinkingdog #merrychristmas


Merry Christmas from Paisley


I remember this time of year last year. Trees in the house, branches that I couldn’t munch on and lots of balls I wasn’t allowed to chase or touch. I also remember the smells of cooking turkey (yum!) and sweets and chocolates. Last year is was very busy with lots of different people in and out of school and in and out of the house. This year is all feels different.


Lesley says it will be a quiet Christmas this year because lots of people still have to distance to keep safe. She said it won’t be forever but we all need to be sensible and help each other now. I think it has been a very strange 2020 (I don’t know really because it is my very first full year) but apparently it has been quite different and some people are really beginning to feel fed up.


I used my puppy thinking and decided that I want to make people happy so I wag my tail and am friendly if people want me to be but if they want to ignore me then I do what makes them happy and ignore them too.


I think we all have to be kind to one another, help each other and know that things will improve. We all need to remember and enjoy the good times, know what we are good at, keep learning and when things are difficult we all need to remember that it will not be forever, there are people to help us and better days are on the way.


Wishing you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas.





Paisley Passed


My special puppy assessments had to be postponed for a while because of covid but last Friday Lesley and I had our special meeting and assessment!


I got really fidgety just before the man called David arrived. Lesley was being fidgety too and it made me feel not quite right. I knew she was OK but I could just tell that something was making her feel nervous. Does that sometimes happen to you? I notice when something is different or not quite right.


I used my thinking and decided that Lesley just wanted us both to do well. I knew I was OK so I’m not sure what she was worrying about but I thought I would try my very best to help her like she helps me!


When David arrived he came into the room and so I gave him a quick look and carried on chewing my bone. That was much more interesting than him. Lesley and he talked and talked..... it was pretty boring so after a while I decided to ignore them both and have a snooze. I thought I would show off my super snoozing power!!! It seemed he was quite impressed.


I must have snoozed for a long time because the next thing I knew it was time to walk around school. I had to show David that I can walk sensibly (of course I can), listen to Lesley (easy!), show off my tricks (I like showing off!) and ignore everyone I saw....(they all ignore me anyway). David made it super hard by working me in the hall and some people were coming to get their lunch and I had to ignore them and the lunch trolley!! I used my thinking and listening and chose to do all of the right things.


David gave Lesley some tips to help me some more but he also said that I was a very good puppy who is super clever, super cute and super chilled! I knew that already because I am a super puppy!! Apparently he will write a report about me too. I hope he makes a note of all of my super powers.


When it was all over I was given a special certificate to say I had passed my assessment. Lesley seemed to pick up on being super smiley and super chilled then.... she took her time!!!


I am now going to start having even more fun and working with more children in school. I cannot wait.... we will have such fun!


#superpuppy #superstar #schooldog #paisleypassed


A dog with a blog and a frog


Life is getting even more exciting for me at Peterhouse!


This week there was a knock at the door and a green face popped its head in! I did not know what to do. I had to use my thinking to work out what it was.


It seemed like a fluffy, green sock (I like socks usually and I pull them off Lesley’s feet) but this one had eyes and a mouth and it seemed to make funny noises. I worked out that the noises were coming from someone else and the fluffy, green sock definitely did not have a foot in it. It had a hand. Lesley told me it was a frog sock puppet.


I have never heard of that before and to start with a felt a little bit unsure because it moved and wriggled and did not do what socks usually do……. and it had eyes!!


Once I sniffed it and it smelt like Lesley’s hand I was a bit braver!! I had a sniff and although it still wriggled and moved and had a mouth and eyes I think that Lesley was making it do all of the moving with her hand so I wasn’t scared and I knew it was OK.


I have to learn about all sorts of things when they are new. Lesley helps me to learn. Who helps you?


It is good to use our thinking when things are new and we are unsure because then we can learn and we know more things. I have now learnt that socks can also be puppets!!


What have you learnt this week?


#frogsdogsandblogs #notquitesure #peoplewhohelp #learningallthetime

Lucky puppy


I had a special gift this week! I think I am so lucky. Someone at school made a pine cone Paisley.... that means it is me but made out of pine cones!!


Usually I like to chew pine cones but this one is special. It has eyes and legs and a tail just like me. I used my thinking and knew it was not for chewing!


So.....I just sniffed it instead.


It is so nice when the children at school draw pictures or make things to look like me. I think it means that they like me and that makes me feel good!


I’m a lucky puppy to have so many people who like me!


#pineconepaisley #luckypuppy #friends


Practice makes perfect!


When I first had my fur cut I did not like it at all. I had to have clippers because it had become so long in lockdown and it was scary being left by Lesley in a place that I didn’t know, even though they were all very nice to me. I just didn’t know what to expect!


I have had to have my fur cut quite a lot since then. Every 7 weeks in fact. I know now that I have to go. My curly fur gets knotty easily and because I wear a harness it can get matted if it gets too long. Lesley practices with me – giving my paw, sitting still, doing good listening, standing, waiting etc. These are all things that I need to know when I get my fur cut.


This time I went without my big sister too because she doesn’t need her fur cut as often as me. I was very brave and I went on my own.


When Lesley collected me she was told that I had been ‘perfect’ and had done everything they asked me to do. They even said that I hadn’t been scared (I hid that bit well from them) and that because I was so good they had used me for a photo shoot to show how good they are at cutting fur!


I am now a poster girl for the groomers! ‘Pretty Perfect Paisley!’


Once you know about something it gets much easier to do it every time. Are there things you find difficult that I could try and help you with?


#perfectpuppy #poserpuppy #prettypuppy #postergirlpup #practicemakesperfect

Autumnal puppy


Lesley used the word autumnal when she took this photo of me! Something about colours and me. I didn’t know what she meant.


Do people ever use words that you find hard to understand? I decided I had some different options.


  1. I could just nod and agree (sometimes that’s an easy thing to do and people stop saying words we don’t understand)
  2. I could just ignore it. (I do that sometimes!)
  3. I could guess. (But guessing is hard work)
  4. I could try and work out what she meant by using my thinking. (I know I am good at thinking)


My super sleuth puppy thinking made me decide to ‘work it out’. She talked about colours. Who do I know at school who knows things about colour?


Mmmmmmm..... think what I know......


Things I know about people at school. Mikki has lots of colour in the art room. Mikki has leaves and interesting things in the art room. I like Mikki and Mikki likes me. I think she might be able to help me work this out....


I had an art room adventure. I learnt about autumnal things..... leaves and colour and things to draw....(& chew!!) Turns out autumnal means ‘a characteristic of autumn’. I worked out that in the autumn the green leaves change colour. They change to reds and yellows and browns. Just like me!! Lesley meant I was the colour of autumn in this picture because I matched the leaves. Actually the leaves disguise me because I am an undercover super sleuth puppy!!!


I’m glad I knew someone who could help me work out a new word. I like it when people use my words because then I understand so much more. Remember it is always ok to ask for help....


#mywords #autumnalpuppy #supersluethpup #artrroomadventures



A simple hug can be very powerful.


It has the ability to reduce stress, cure sadness and say without words ‘you matter to me’.


I am learning to hug! You all matter to me.


#puppylove #mentalhealthawareness #schooldogscanhug

Sometimes I have to make my needs known.....


In half term I really wanted to be busy. I like being busy. It’s interesting to see things, hear things and sniff things. It’s super interesting to go to different places. We can’t do so much of being busy at the moment though because of this thing called coronavirus. I know we can go out in the fresh air and exercise though and that’s busy enough for me...


When I’m a school dog I know that I have to be quiet, well behaved and calm. I have to follow the rules and the routines. I am a professional puppy and I know what I need to do because I have been learning for a year now.


When I’m a home dog although I know the rules I sometimes forget them more. I think it’s because sometimes my routine changes at home because Lesley doesn’t always do things at the same time.


In half term Lesley has taken me for really long walks. Every single day! On one day though it rained all morning and Lesley didn’t seem to think walking was a good idea. I waited and waited and waited......


In the end I decided that I needed to remind Lesley that I was there so I took matters into my own paws!!! I can only speak dog so it was hard to say what I really wanted to say which was ‘please take me for a walk’ and I could tell she wasn’t really listening. I tried looking cute, sitting next to her, wandering past her but nothing worked to get her to think about me. She was busy doing Lesley type things. I wanted her to do Paisley type things!!


I upped my demands a bit.... I jumped on the chair where the cat was lying (I’m still not really understanding why his rules are different to mine!!) and that got her attention.... ‘get down!!’ .... not ‘oh come on let’s go for a walk’..... I ran around outside for a bit and tried barking (I’m not supposed to do that either) and she brought me back inside but then sat down!! In the end I had to really make myself clear so I got her shoes for her and pulled off her socks..... that finally got her attention!!!


Phew!!!! A lovely, wet, boggy, hilly sand dune walk for us all equals a very happy Paisley (& a very wet Lesley!!)


#makingneedsknown #notsopatientpuppy #socksandshoes #routineshelpusall #listeninghelps




Sometimes it is hard making friends. Sometimes we have to use our thinking a lot to work out what other people want to do or how they are feeling. Sometimes that is really, really hard. We might have to use our guessing to help us to  work out if someone wants us to play or to be quiet.


I have to do that with my friend the cat. Sometimes he really likes to play with me and we play chase and we hug and we are really good friends but sometimes he doesn’t want to play. Lesley says the tip of his tail wags when he doesn’t want to play. That confuses me because the tip of my tail wags when I do want to play so it means he is different from me. Sometimes our friends are different from us and we have to learn about what they like and don’t like to do.


I have worked out lots of things that I do know about my friend the cat. These help me to know what to do when he does or doesn’t want to play:

  • He has sharp teeth
  • He wags his tail when he doesn’t want to play
  • He has sharp claws
  • He can get grumpy quickly and then I know to stop
  • He likes to chase me
  • He hides in bushes and jumps on me
  • He likes the sunshine
  • If he doesn’t want to play he makes a growling noise
  • If he is asleep he doesn’t want to play
  • He doesn’t like it when I lie on top of him
  • He quite likes to lie on top of me.
  • He is my good friend who plays with me a lot and sometimes comes for a walk with me!


It is good to know things about our friends. Have a think about a good friend you have. Tell me about what you know about them.


Keep making good friends. I like lying in the sun with my best friend. What do you like to do with your friend?


#puppypals #friendlypuppy #knowingaboutdifferences #catismybestfriend

Tired pup!


Someone at school told Lesley this week that when things are different, changing and busy it gets harder for them to think.


They said that when they have to think harder it makes them tired. They also said that when they get tired it makes it even harder to think.


I think I understand what they mean.


I had a busy day at school. I saw children. I went to a meeting. I had to remember to follow all of the rules. I had a walk but then Lesley trains me so I have to listen and think all of the time. I had a look in some different classrooms when the children had gone. I even saw different members of staff. I have now worked out that if I sit in front of someone quietly they will say hello to me. It means I can choose who to say hello to now.


All that work meant I did a lot of new and busy things. I was tired. I used my thinking a lot. Lesley is good at knowing when I have done too much thinking. She knew that when I got home I needed a rest. She also lets me have rest times at school too.


I think I understand what they mean about thinking being hard work!!


Lesley is very pleased with me but I am a worn out pup!!


#changes #thinkingpuppy #tiredpuppy

We can learn from mistakes


Whoops! I made a mistake. Lesley thinks maybe because I was so tired after all of my school dog work that I just forgot to use my thinking. She said it is OK to make a mistake as long as I learn from it and then use what I know next time to help me remember what to do.


Things that I know:

  • I should not chew shoes
  • I should not make a big mess
  • I should not chew up paper
  • I should leave my mat where it is kept


Things that I like to do:

  • Collect Lesley’s shoes and cuddle them
  • Chewing paper
  • Collecting all of my mats and putting them into my bed
  • Playing


Things that I know happened:

  • Lesley washed her shoes
  • Lesley filled them with paper to help them dry
  • Lesley left them on the floor near my mat
  • I wanted to play
  • Lesley was not pleased


Things that I learnt:

  • When I am tired it is harder to think
  • When I am tired I sometimes forget
  • Playing is lots of fun
  • When I play and get excited I also forget to think and I forget the rules
  • Lesley said it was OK and she wasn’t cross but to remember my thinking next time so that I made a good choice
  • Lesley had to do quite a bit of tidying up and did not want my help!


Do you forget to think when you are tired or excited? Sometimes it just makes it a bit harder to remember what to do and people need to give me a bit more time to think. I know now I should not have played with Lesley’s washed shoes but I also know that I had a lot of fun!!


#sleepisimportant #messypuppy #thinkingpuppy #learningfrommistakes


A Special Picture


Someone at school had a birthday and they drew a picture of me. It made me really pleased. I do like it when pupils want to see me and draw pictures of me, it makes me feel special.


I have met a few pupils now and we have practiced tricks, had cuddles and been on walks.


It is fun being at school and being a school dog.