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Secret Agent Puppy – Undercover


So my very first learning is that although I am eventually going to be a ‘school dog’ first of all I have to be a ‘secret agent’!!


This means something about being ‘undercover’ so I’ve tried that (see photo) but Lesley told me that isn’t what it means!!


I actually have to learn to NOT go and say hello to all the lovely, smiley and interesting adults and children and they all have to IGNORE me. How rude! I’m hoping if I’m a real ‘secret agent’ I might have some magical puppy powers that I can use to make them talk to me... but apparently that means I will not pass my first test so maybe I better try as hard as I can to be the best secret puppy agent in Southport!

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NB This ‘undercover’ practice is super hard work so in the end I opted for ‘over cover’ and had a long sleep!

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Hello from Paisley!

Hello I am Paisley Puppy. I have been chosen very carefully by Lesley to go and live with her and to learn how to become a ‘school dog’. I am not really sure what that means yet but Lesley has told me that she and I will learn together. We have to take lots of tests... that is part of the learning! Lesley thinks that sounds a bit scary but I don’t really understand what a test is so I’m not too worried. I reckon if I wag my tail a lot I will be OK. I’m very good at doing that. At the moment I’m still living with my mum, dad and 4 sisters. Lesley has come to visit me a few times so I get to know her. I am learning my name at the moment because before I was called Paisley I was known as 4 white paws. Lesley thought Paisley was a better name. I decided that I like her and she has curly hair like me so we match! I tried to chew her shoes and followed her all around the room. My sisters were pretty boring and ignored her but Lesley and I had fun and my mum and dad made a big fuss of her too so I decided she must be OK. I’m looking forward to going to live with her soon and then start my learning to be a ‘school dog’.

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