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When we can’t say what’s wrong!


Lesley used her thinking to know about me this week!


I have done a few things that I’m not supposed to do.


I turned off my listening.

I turned off my thinking.

I turned off my knowing.


I then did some things that I haven’t done before.


I made a big, chewy mess of sticks in Lesley’s office.

I spat out some of my treats.... (very unusual behaviour from me)

I tried to play Uno by myself.... but apparently you are not supposed to eat the cards.


Lesley worked out my teeth are really, really hurting. A lot!!!


My baby teeth are falling out and my big, grown up teeth are growing. I want to chew, chew, chew and bite, bite, bite on things but my food is just too hard at the moment and my mouth hurts.


I know I shouldn’t have chewed up school property.... even though it was only 2 cards! Next time I will chew on the tasty chew stick and ice that Lesley gives me to make my teeth feel better. I just didn’t know how to tell her my teeth were hurting.


Because Lesley is good at thinking she worked it out and has helped me to feel better.


When we can’t say what’s wrong the people that help us are really good at working it out and making things feel better.


My teeth still hurt but I will try and think more so that I can help myself too.


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Puppy school and homework!


I go to 2 schools now!! Peterhouse School and puppy school.


We have to go each week to a special puppy school near a place called Wigan so that I can practice my listening, concentration and thinking while there are lots of other dogs about. I have to go in the car for quite a long time and then I have to work hard for 50 minutes. It is after I have already worked hard at Peterhouse School all day so I have a quick snooze in the car on my way to make sure I am ready to think when I get there. A clear mind makes a concentrating puppy!!!


I am doing quite well I think!


Lesley is pleased with me and I get lots of special treats when I do well. I like treats! They taste great. It is definitely worth trying to follow the rules. I like to do things well. It makes me feel good and then I wag my tail, a lot!!!


The more I learn the easier it becomes so I thought I would do some homework too. I learn a lot from my big sister. I copy her and I know she follows the rules which helps me to remember them! I also watched a programme about 5 puppies who were learning to become guide dogs. They had to do lots of interesting things and when I watched it I realised that they are trained just like me!!!


They had to learn to listen and think and do this special thing called ‘loose lead walking!’ I have to learn this too!! It is my hardest skill so far. Lesley says I need to practice it.... a lot!! Apparently if we practice things that are hard for us they get easier!


My puppy nose is my secret agent super power and it is so tricky not to follow it... especially when we are loose lead walking...I must remember to concentrate and not go faster than Lesley but I sniff sniff sniff and then I stop thinking and listening. I just like to follow my nose!


I must remember to turn my thinking on and my nose off every time I am on the lead!


#puppysuperpower #learning #sniffing

#homework #watchingtv #teampaisley #cavapoo #looseleadwalking #bigsistergoals

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I’m a cartoon and a book!!


It is so exciting... apparently!


Lesley asked her very clever friend if she could turn me into a cartoon! I wasn’t sure what that meant but I was happy to try and find out. Sometimes when I’m not sure about what something means I find it a good idea to have a ‘think’ or a ‘guess’ to see if I can work it out.


It didn’t take me long to know what she meant because Lesley showed me the pictures. It means I am a drawing as well as a puppy. Paisley Puppy with Puppy Powers.... the secret agent who is now undercover and ‘behind the scenes’ at Peterhouse School.


Also I’m hiding in a book as a secret agent...‘where’s Paisley?’. I did try playing that game when we went on a walk in the sand dunes but Lesley didn’t think that was a good idea. She didn’t seem to think ‘finding Paisley’ was a good game! I was just trying to recreate the book but apparently that is NOT a good idea! I know now and I have been very good since that day and always come when she calls me. We had a lot of practice and she took Christmas dinner turkey as special treats for when I did good listening. Yum!!


I really wish I could meet everyone in school properly! I sometimes catch a glimpse of children but they all ignore me so they can earn a Paisley Point!! They do it very well! Apparently then the pupil with the most points gets to meet me properly first!


How long is a year? How long have I done already?


That’s how long I have to be a secret agent for!! Maybe some of the children could draw cartoons of me too so that I can see what they think of me!?? I like that idea..... I won’t feel so invisible then!


#teampaisley #thinkingpuppy #puppypictures #cartooncavapoo

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Happy New Year!


It is 2020 I’m told! I’m not sure what that means because I haven’t been around for very long and so I’m still learning! 


Lesley told me we should count our blessings and look forward positively to this next year. I started counting. I wasn’t sure what my blessings were so I had a guess at what she meant.... sometimes guessing is a good way to practice our thinking!! So my blessings are:

            1.         My family- they love me very much

            2.         My job- I’m so lucky to come to Peterhouse School and I’m excited to learn

            3.         My friends- the children at Peterhouse are definitely my friends because they are so good at helping me to learn.

            4.         My home- so cozy and warm with a lovely comfy bed.

            5.         My walks- being outside and seeing new things make me feel good

            6.         My sniffy nose- I can sniff out a treat from a long way away (it is one of my super powers)

            7.         My curly, waggy tail- it makes people laugh 

            8.         My brain- for learning about all the things I have to do and knowing how to do them

            9.         My ears- to help me do good listening

            10.       My feet- to help me to get to where I want to go


Lesley said it is traditional to make a New Years resolution. That means what you are going to do differently in 2020!!! 


I’m think I’m still in my first year though (I’m only 5 months old!) so my resolution is to keep thinking, listening and learning and to try my best to pass my puppy tests! 


Have a ‘paws’ for thought and see what your new year resolutions are!


Happy New Year!


From Paisley 

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It’s Christmas!!


I’m not really sure what this means but things have been pretty confusing even for a super puppy like me!!


Everything looks, smells and sounds a little bit different! I am having to really think hard to work out what is going on. When things get different I sometimes forget what I need to do and then I find thinking a little bit harder work....but Lesley helps me to remember and work things out and then I feel OK again!


I first thought something was odd when I discovered a tree..... INDOORS!!! It was covered with lots of sparkles and balls and looked good enough to play with .... I usually play with sticks, crunchy things and balls so I thought it would be OK but apparently this tree is different and playing with any part of it is not part of the ‘rules!’ That was the first thing that was confusing and different!!


I still have the odd munch when no one is looking but if I’m honest it doesn’t taste as good as it looks!


There has been lots of different music playing and delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Cinnamon smells, gingerbread, marzipan, mince pies, chocolate to name a few!! My puppy nose is in overtime sniff mode! I like sausages and cheese the best!


Lesley also keeps popping out to the shops to do ‘special shopping’ and I have had to be very patient waiting for her to come back. I’m getting good at waiting.


Lesley also did this thing called ‘wrapping presents’ which I tried to help her with but in all honesty I think she needs to learn about patience from me.... she did not think my help was helpful at all!!! I pulled the paper to make sure there was a big enough piece to wrap the present but Lesley was not grateful at all and did not think I needed to join in!


Lots of people pop in and out of the house too at Christmas time and I have to work out who they are and what’s going on. It seems it is a busy time of year which is exciting and confusing all at the same time! I am having to think extra hard to work out what is going on which tires me out so you can guess what I do..... super puppy snoozing.... my best skill and I know I am good at it!! Remember .... Do what you know helps and you know about (that’s what I say) and then I always feel better afterwards!!


Anyway I am going to keep thinking and work out what is in all my ‘mystery’ packages. Lesley says I can open them on Christmas Day... whenever that seems like it has been Christmas for a long time already!! But until then I’ll keep waiting!! (Remember I’m getting good at that too!)


I would like to say Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for reading my blog! I will post again in the new year.


Merry Christmas everyone!


From Paisley xxx


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Patience is a virtue!


Last week I had to work very hard! Lesley told me we had to make a special trip in the car. I worked out it was different to my usual trips because Lesley was doing things differently.


She did the following:

Make my car crate extra comfy

Pack my bed

Pack my sleep crate

Pack my food

Pack lots of treats

Pack her own PJs and toothbrush

.....but still bring her laptop!!!


I used my super puppy powers of deduction and decided something different was happening! Maybe we were having a holiday?? She had also given me another bath the night before!!! (although I was ready for it this time because I remembered what happens when she fills the utility room sink!)


We went in the car! It seemed a long time. I used my snoozing powers to help time go faster. Every now and then we stopped at something called a service station and Lesley did a bit of ‘training’ with me. I had to walk on a loose lead and concentrate on her when other dogs walked past!


After what seemed like a very long time we got to a hotel. Lesley put my special travel sleep crate and bed up and gave me toys and chewy things and then..... she opened her laptop and ignored me!!


I decided that if this is a holiday it is very boring!!


The next morning she took me outside (so I didn’t make a mess of the room) and then went on her laptop again for what seemed like a very long time. I began to think she had forgotten about me when suddenly she started packing everything up and we had to get back in the car!!! It really was quite strange behaviour from Lesley and not what I am used to or was expecting at all! I had to really concentrate, listen and watch to think about what was happening so that I could work out what to do.


Next I had to go back in the car but this time for a very short time and then we went to a special place called DHK headquarters!! The surprise was I had to work.... very hard....all day!! I had to have a day of intense training!


Lesley had to show all the things we have done together and I had to listen and concentrate very hard! I had to work with the special lady who helps. She was really easy to understand and she gave me pieces of cheese which were delicious! Lesley also had to learn and she was taught how to help me and also some games that the children can do to practice helping me before I get to work with them which is really exciting!


We worked for 5 hours!!! I was very busy and very tired but I did get to eat lots of cheese! Delicious!


I was given a special new coat at the end of the day because I had worked so hard! It is not my first fashion choice... it clashes with my fur a bit but never mind. Lesley told me it has words on it that tell everybody to ignore me! Humph!!! So much for my super puppy powers! Now I can’t trick people into talking to me.


I had a really good time. I slept all the way home. Lesley was very pleased with me for being so well behaved in the car because we drove for a long time! We didn’t get home until 11pm which is very late but I was wide awake then and ready to play!!! Lesley was not!! Never mind sometimes good things come to those who wait (that was something I learnt) so I went to bed and waited to play in the morning!!


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Learning about new things


I have had to learn lots of new things this past few weeks.


I am allowed to go outside into the big world now as ‘the lady who put needles in me’ told Lesley I could once I was 12 weeks old. I’ve learnt she is called the vet. She was very nice (apart from the needles) and I was very brave and let her look at me all over even though I wasn’t really sure what she was going to do. Lesley told me she helps me to keep healthy and it was a good thing. The lady was nice. She gave me a biscuit afterwards so I was pretty pleased. I like biscuits.


It is very exciting being allowed outside but I am now learning that the world is much bigger than my back garden.... bigger than I knew. There are lots of other dogs and people and I have to try and work out what to do with all of them. Sometimes that is really tricky. I need to learn be brave! I keep trying to remember what I know so that it helps me. Lesley likes me to stay calm and self controlled but it isn’t always easy. I try my very best!


I learnt first of all that lady who lives next door to us has a very barky West Highland Terrier that Lesley thinks is particularly noisy! She is not keen on the noise it makes at all! I wasn’t keen on the noise it makes either and I found it very scary and so I hid. Lesley said it was OK to be scared this time but she said we needed to find a strategy to help me to cope with it so that the next time I got scared about something I knew what to do.


She then talked to the special lady who tells her how to train me to be a ‘school dog’ because she is good at helping Lesley. People who help are really useful! They made a plan together just for me!! They have played lots of sounds to me of all sorts of different dogs barking for short times EVERY day!!! I must say I prefer the music that Lesley usually plays. At first the dog noises were a bit scary! So I hid, then I tried joining in to see if that helped me to feel brave and to tell Lesley to stop playing it. She just ignored me when I did that. She’s very good at ignoring me, it is apparently part of the plan!!


In the end I thought I should ignore it too and chew on my tasty yak stick. I soon stopped listening to the barky noises and forgot about being scared. Now that I am used to it and know what it is I decided that I didn’t need to be scared at all. I know what to do now when other dogs bark! I just ignore them. So now it’s my plan that belongs just to me and not Lesley and the lady that helps her! I also can’t really remember what I was worried about. My plan and the strategy worked!!


I’m still a bit scared about meeting all the dogs and people in real life. Lesley says we can keep doing it gradually so that I’m not overwhelmed but at least I know that I can cope with their noise now!


Last weekend we went out to a special place. It was sandy and very high and I could see a long way out to the sea! It really is a big world out there with so much to see and do…(and sniff).... I think that I am going to enjoy learning all about it!


#soundsensitive #learning #newthings #vets #peoplewhohelp #bigwideworld #strategyplans #cavapoo #teampaisley

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Behind the scenes


My work behind the scenes is actually great fun. I have a very nice office with a particularly tasty plant in it. Lesley hasn’t moved it yet but she does keep talking about moving it!


I have had a really good listen to hear all the different people as they arrive in school and lots of sniffs at the door. Lesley said I had to have a bath before I started school but I can tell you all to a puppy nose like mine I can sniff out so many different smells I don’t think mine would have made a difference.


I have used my very good snoozing skills for a lot of my time. I have also used my chewing skills and Lesley has bought me lots of things to chew and play with. I do like the plant the best though!!


I like my crate. It is cozy and when I go into it Lesley often gives me a tasty treat. I enjoy that and then go back to snoozing. Sometimes I just pop into it so Lesley gives me the treat.... she thinks she is training me but I can tell you that I think it is the other way around!


I visit my outdoor area quite often and listen hard to all the noises that I can hear. I see if I can work out what they are because I can’t see through the fence although there is a tiny gap that I can peek through. I had a quick dig by the gap to try and make it bigger. It didn’t work but it was really good fun.


At lunchtime Lesley takes me for a short walk. It is so I learn to be a polite dog and not pull people. She is very slow because every time I try to get somewhere quickly she stops and I have to go back to her to remind her to focus on me. I told you I was the trainer! I’m an excellent walker and we could go much further if she would just hurry up! Eventually children will be able to come on our walks with me. I hope they walk faster than Lesley then we might actually get to a park!


There are some other very nice ladies called Carole, Lorna and Conny who have looked after me when Lesley is busy out of her office. They don’t talk to me much because Lesley tells them not to get me too excited and they are all really good at this ‘ignoring’ business but I am hoping that I can convince them to play if I wag my tail hard enough! Remember I do have super puppy powers.


When everyone has gone Lesley and I have another walk around school so I can sniff about. That is fun. I like the room with the slippy floor now. I like to chase my toys in it. Lesley tells me I have to listen all the time and do what I’m asked. I do try..... but sometimes I forget. I haven’t seen any of the children yet but I have heard them. I can’t wait to be a real school dog and meet everybody.


When I get home my favourite thing is to chase the cat (which apparently is not part of my training) and see my big sister. Lesley takes her for much longer walks than me which I don’t think is very fair. Apparently I will get to go eventually when I know how to walk sensibly. I love going home and best of all I like to do the thing that I know I am good at..... a quick snooze by the fire.


#puppypowers #teampaisley #cavapoo #schooldog #tryingnewthings #goodlistening #knowingwhatyouaregoodat #snoozing


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Bath time!!


The indignity!!


Apparently I did not smell fresh enough for my first day in school! Rude!


Lesley picked me up without any warning and suddenly I found myself in a sink full of water. I think I would have preferred a little preparation, I will know next time she starts filling the sink what is going to happen. My plan is to try and remember things that I know so that I can always work out what is going to happen next!!


I was given lots of things to sniff and lick while Lesley scrubbed and it was over very quickly but I thought I was just perfect before the bath so I didn’t really understand why I had to have one. Also this shampoo is not my first choice of smell!


Lesley rubbed, scrubbed, foamed and rinsed. She said lots of words and talking about washing and ‘good hygiene’. It is an important part of growing up apparently and we all need to have a wash and a bath or shower regularly. I think that means me too so I am already wondering when my next one will be!! I also had a mini hair cut which was a fur trim around my eyes (so I can see properly to concentrate) and a lots of scrubbing at my other end which was not my favourite part but apparently very important!


I was then given a tasty chew to help keep my teeth fresh. They help us dogs to keep them clean instead of a toothbrush apparently! My teeth are hurting me quite a bit at the moment due to what Lesley calls ‘teething’. Apparently they will all fall out because they are my baby teeth and big teeth will grow but at the moment I do like to chew.....a lot!!! Shoes and laces are the best 🐶


Lesley is pleased now because I’m all fresh and clean and smell sweet enough to be a school dog! I wonder how long that will last.......???


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Puppy ‘power’ naps!


I have been working hard! Really hard!! And I haven’t even started my behind the scenes work at school yet!


I have learnt how to sit, concentration games, to come to my name, where I’m allowed to go to the toilet (apparently that is a priority!!), ‘thank you’ which means let go of what I’m holding and ‘settle’ which means take a comfy seat and don’t move!!!


I have also practised with my harness and lead and I am learning to ‘come’ to Lesley.... that one is hard because I have to stop what I’m doing, concentrate and listen to Lesley. I then have to decide whether it’s more interesting to follow the cue for ‘come’ or carry on doing my own exploring!!! I know what I’m supposed to do but sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice.


Lesley says ‘keep trying’... & ‘thinking’ and we will get it eventually! She believes I can do it so I’m going to try really hard to prove her right.


My best skill is napping. All the practicing and learning is very tiring. Lesley says it is a good idea to try and get enough sleep. That helps our brains to focus for the next time we have to start working and thinking again. I think I will pass the test on this one...


#puppypowernaps #cavapoo #learning #tryingmyhardest #teampaisley

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My first visit


I had an exciting trip in what Lesley called ‘half term.’ I had my very first visit to school. It was very quiet although there was a very strong smell of paint!! ( Lesley said I might think I am like the Queen- fresh paint smells wherever I go!!). I had a really good sniff around but I wasn’t keen on the paint smell so I hope I am not the Queen!


I had a look at my own office where there is a bed and a crate and some new toys for me. I have my own special garden where I am allowed to go to the toilet and I learnt to walk very sensibly through the corridors. There was so much to sniff it really was an exciting time!


I then visited a very big room with a slippy floor! It is called the hall. That was a bit scary to start with and I wasn’t too sure about it. I stood by the door for a long time trying to work out what to do. In the end Lesley went in so I decided to follow her. We then did some games to help me feel calm and connected and I felt much better. I started listening and concentrating really hard and Lesley thought I did very well for only 10 weeks old! Sometimes if you are not too sure about a new thing it helps to have a plan. My plan was to work with Lesley and do the things that I know I can already do. That helped me a lot and then I decided I didn’t need to be scared of the big room with the slippy floor at all.


I then had a ‘settle’ down on the special mat in my office while Lesley did boring stuff with computers and papers. She ignored me which I thought wasn’t in my plan but she did it so well I decided to ignore her right back and have a snooze! Remember always think about the things you are good at.... snoozing is my best skill!


#firstvisit #cavapoo #doingwhatIknow #makingaplan #slippyfloor #schooldog #teampaisley

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Speak Dog


Lesley has told me that before I can go to school to be a ‘behind the scenes secret agent’ all the children and staff (& parents!) have to learn to ‘speak dog’. I thought that must be a pretty easy thing to do. Surely all you do is say ‘woof’!


Apparently it is more complicated than that!!


They all have to learn special things that will help them to understand me and mean that I am a very happy, Calm, Concentrated and self-Controlled, well trained dog who enjoys going to school. Something about the 3Cs and my own ‘zones of regulation’ but I stopped listening then and started to enjoy a nice snooze! Behind the scenes Puppy Powers take a lot of effort. I’ll try again later!


#speakdog #CalmConcentratedselfControlled #cavapoo #zonesofregulation #TeamPaisley

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Trying really hard


My first two weeks have been really exciting and I’m getting used to my new home! I am trying really hard to listen and learn. Lesley is particularly pleased because I am a good sleeper. I didn’t know that was part of the learning so I ticked that one off on the first night.


I have a big, older sister who is helping me to learn. She has shown me how to sit and watch Lesley. Apparently I have to listen really hard but my sister can’t do that because she is deaf so she watches Lesley all the time. I thought I should try to do both...

but sometimes it’s really difficult..... there are too many other things to look at like leaves and feet....

.....oh and my big brother!!!   He’s not a dog like me although he is still big and fluffy. Lesley says he is not so helpful with my training.... but I think it’s great fun when he joins in!!


#concentrationgames #connections #cavapoo #teampaisley #loveleaves #catsarefun!

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Secret Agent Puppy – Undercover


So my very first learning is that although I am eventually going to be a ‘school dog’ first of all I have to be a ‘secret agent’!!


This means something about being ‘undercover’ so I’ve tried that (see photo) but Lesley told me that isn’t what it means!!


I actually have to learn to NOT go and say hello to all the lovely, smiley and interesting adults and children and they all have to IGNORE me. How rude! I’m hoping if I’m a real ‘secret agent’ I might have some magical puppy powers that I can use to make them talk to me... but apparently that means I will not pass my first test so maybe I better try as hard as I can to be the best secret puppy agent in Southport!

#secretagent #undercover #teampaisley #puppypower #cavapoo


NB This ‘undercover’ practice is super hard work so in the end I opted for ‘over cover’ and had a long sleep!

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Hello from Paisley!

Hello I am Paisley Puppy. I have been chosen very carefully by Lesley to go and live with her and to learn how to become a ‘school dog’. I am not really sure what that means yet but Lesley has told me that she and I will learn together. We have to take lots of tests... that is part of the learning! Lesley thinks that sounds a bit scary but I don’t really understand what a test is so I’m not too worried. I reckon if I wag my tail a lot I will be OK. I’m very good at doing that. At the moment I’m still living with my mum, dad and 4 sisters. Lesley has come to visit me a few times so I get to know her. I am learning my name at the moment because before I was called Paisley I was known as 4 white paws. Lesley thought Paisley was a better name. I decided that I like her and she has curly hair like me so we match! I tried to chew her shoes and followed her all around the room. My sisters were pretty boring and ignored her but Lesley and I had fun and my mum and dad made a big fuss of her too so I decided she must be OK. I’m looking forward to going to live with her soon and then start my learning to be a ‘school dog’.

#paisleypuppy #schooldog #teampaisley