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Specialist Teaching



Did you know that OSSME’s Specialist Teacher can support with Education?


Open Awards, GCSEs, Functional Skills, Entry Level and SATs can all be supported by OSSME.

Small groups of similar ability students can be taught together either in school or at another agreed venue.

Sensory needs are supported and strategies discussed to help with self-regulation. These can help reduce the barriers that sensory needs can cause to education

Motivation of students is developed through the use of topics of interest to the student, the use of varied materials and different forms of presentation.

Education can be delivered in the school, home or other agreed venue in a relaxed and informal manner.


Expectations are realistic and discussed and agreed with the student.

Development of social skills and social interaction are supported.

Understanding of expectations are ensured by the use of appropriate language.

Communication in a manner best suited to the student is used. The use of other mediums such as visual and auditory will also be used.

Adaption of the curriculum to cater for the individual is agreed with school/home/college.

Time is given to allow for slow processing of information.

Early Help educational support offers structure, socialisation and education for a student who is having difficulties at home or school or is at risk of not attending school.