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Inspections and Accreditations

Ofsted have rated Peterhouse to be 'Outstanding' - Inspectors said "Peterhouse is a warm, welcoming and happy school. From their very first day, pupils and their families are made to feel part of the Peterhouse family. Staff go the extra mile every lesson, every day to make sure pupils achieve their potential.".

At Peterhouse, we aim to support not just the child but also their family.  The award verifier said "School staff fully understand the importance of parent partnership and adapt their approach to meet the needs of each family and work with them to strive for the best outcome for their child."

Challenge Partners is a network of schools and trusts that collaborate and share best practice in order to enhance the life chances of all children.  The network's Quality Assurance Review states "The vastly experienced senior leadership team have developed a culture of high expectation and aspiration for pupils, many of whom have had previous difficulties with attendance and learning....Peterhouse staff provide effective, supportive and empathic support to pupils."

Wellbeing, for both pupils and staff, is one of our core values.  The Award Verifier confirmed that "Wellbeing and good mental health clearly sit at the centre of the schools culture and values.... The environment of the school is welcoming and caring and there is strong ownership of the ethos and culture by all staff.... The school is rightly proud of its understanding of the needs of every student and holding this at the centre of its work."

The Arts are used extensively and effectively throughout school.  This case study illustrates how Peterhouse achieved the ArtsMark Gold Award, noting "The creativity of Arts provision and development of life skills for our young people with Autism work side by side...Creating independence and developing skills and strategies for life shape our young people and the Arts provision often enables them to experience or explore new ideas with real 'personalised learning’ taking place."