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Staff and Pupils with Relevant Protected Characteristics


Peterhouse has fewer than 150 employees and less than 50 pupils.  Because of this, numbers of individuals with protected characteristics are comparatively low and we are not publishing this information in order to prevent identification of individuals and protect the privacy of both staff and pupils.

In June 2017, all of our 46 pupils have a disability.  7 out of our 46 pupils are female (reflecting the much higher incidence nationally of boys being diagnosed with autism).

Public Sector Equality Duty


Our Equality & Diversity Policy (below) describes the school's equality aims and outlines how these aims will be met.  The policy has been updated to reflect the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and was ratified by the Education Committee on 30th March 2016.

All new staff are issued with a copy of the Equality & Diversity Policy as part of the school's Induction Programme. 

Any concerns or issues about Equality, whether relating to employees, pupils or external visitors, can be raised via the school's 'Cause for Concern' system.